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Dry Snow Slide Rainbow Slide Outdoor Indoor Children's Park Large Slide


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[Product Name] Dry Snow Slide Rainbow Slide Outdoor Indoor Children's Park Large Slide
[product specifications] size can be customized
[Features] GS certification, wear-resistant, non-toxic
[Product use] The dry snow slide can cultivate children's independent personality, exercise, brain and brain puzzle.
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  • NE0025


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Dry snow slide product description

Dry snow slide rainbow slideparameter
product name Dry snow slide rainbow slide
product brand Nuutoo
Product number NE0025
Product specifications customizable
product material

1, the main frame: galvanized pipe,Imitation snow blanket

2. Auxiliary material: PVC

3. Slide: LLDPE
Product color customizable
Adapt to age 2+
Adapt to the scene Community, park, playground, municipal engineering, scenic area, high-end kindergarten, resort center, hotel, children's playground
Transport installation 1. Special line logistics bulk packaging, cotton cloth + film packaging to ensure complete and no damage during transportation.
2, provide professional teacher installation services

Children's playground equipment + extreme sports + sweat slide + slide + zipline (13)

Dry snow slideThe main core component imitation snow blanket is a simulated ski material that is formed by a one-time injection molding process using an environmentally friendly resin PE (packaging material). After practice and improvement, we explored the grass cluster structure shown in the following figure, a snow-like blanket in the shape of a lollipop, and 10,000 grass clusters per square meter of snow-like blankets, and 8 straws per grass cluster. The sugar is surrounded by a circle, and the stem of the lollipop is designed with a triangular back rib to increase the compressive resistance and resilience.
    The imitation snow blanket has a width of 1 meter and the length can be customized according to the requirements. When the large area is paved, the construction is very fast and simple. The imitation snow blanket causes a one-time integrated molding process and a unique structural design, so that the life of the imitation snow blanket can reach more than 8 years, and has excellent wear resistance, toughness, compression resistance, rebound, weather resistance, fire resistance, water permeability and the like. Good slip.

Imitation snow blanket description

Dry snow slide + rainbow slide + imitation snow blanket

The imitation snow blanket parameters are as follows:
Parameter characteristic parameter feature
Core products Snow imitation blanket Application range Snow and snow slide
Main structure Integrated injection molding grass clusters Ground requirements Flatness
Snow-like blanket material Low-pressure high-density polyethylene (PE) Slope requirements Primary road 9-13 degrees; Intermediate road 13-25 degrees; Advanced road 16-30 degrees
Snow-like blanket shape Round head, back ribs, triangular lollipops, service life 8 years
Imitation snow blanket density 80,000 / 10,000 clusters / 1 square meter Temperature range -600C-820C
Imitation snow blanket specifications 1 meter wide and 21 mm high Applicable equipment Snowboard double board, veneer, snow ring, scooter, motorcycle, etc.
Imitation snow blanket weight 3.2kg/m2 installation period 1000m2/3 days
Crystal Snow Material Low Density High Pressure Polyethylene (PE) Safety Normal fall without harm
Imitation snow blanket features:
(1) The slip is close to the slip of true snow, and the simulated snow feels better.
Appearance regular color is white, other colors can be customized
(2) Excellent flexibility and pressure resistance, good snow-like effect
(3) Stable, long shelf life, no discoloration, excellent durability
(4) Good drainage and excellent drying
(5) Fireproof, anti-static, prevent sun lift
(6) Simple construction and maintenance
The imitation snow blanket has been rigorously tested and verified. It is one of the best simulated ski products in China. For related performance test results, please contact customer service for relevant documents.

Dry snow slide product display

Dry Snow Slide + Rainbow Slide (1)Dry snow slide + rainbow slide (2)Dry Snow Slide + Rainbow Slide (4)

Children's playground equipment + extreme sports + sweat slide + slide + zipline (14)

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