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High-end durable stainless steel swimming pool up and down ladder


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[Product Name] Chart non-standard play stainless steel upper and lower ladder [product weight] 25kg / m [product specifications] width 50/60/80/100 / 120cm, other sizes can be customized [product characteristics] GS certification, wear resistance, anti Corrosion (outdoor is not rusted) [Product use] playground, children's paradise, combination slide and other play equipment support [application case] Fuzhou dragon slide [free hotline] 18057732525
  • LTHT4312


  • 4312


Product Description

Chamo non-standard travelSwimming poolProduct parameters
product name Swimming pool
productbrand NUUTOO / non-standard
productmodel LTHT4312
productSpecification Width 50/60/80/100 / 120cm, other sizes can be customized

1, stairs: 304 stainless steel / galvanized steel pipe (optional)

2, slide: 304 stainless steel

productcolor Stainless steel color + (customized)
Adaptable age 2+
Adaptive scene
Community, park, playground, municipal engineering, scenic, high-end kindergarten, holiday center, hotel, children's paradise
Transportation installation

1, special line logistics bulk packaging, cotton + film packaging, guarantee the complete transportation, no damage

2. Provide professional teacher installation services

Non-standard travel + stainless steel slip slide + spiral slide (1)

Slide classification

Outdoor play equipmentStainless steel slides can be divided into: flat straight slide, flat bottom slide, semi-circular slide, semi-curved slide, full round slide, full round bend slide, full round spiral slide, translucent straight slide, translucent bend slide, half Transparent spiral slide

Non-standard travel + stainless steel slide + combination slide (6)

Material Introduction

Why is the stainless steel slide on the market use 304 stainless steel! First, what is 304 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel is a common material in stainless steel, with a density of 7.93 g / cm3, and it is also known as 18/8 stainless steel. High temperature resistance is 800 degrees, with good machining performance, high toughness, widely used in outdoor amusement facilities and water amusement equipment and food medical industries. There are 06Cr19Ni10, SUS304 in the market in the market, where 06Cr19Ni10 generally means that national standard standard production, 304 generally represents ASTM standard production, SUS 304 represents the production of daily standards.

304 is a versatile stainless steel, which is widely used in the production of play equipment such as good comprehensive performance (corrosion resistance and moldability), such as spiral slides, multi-surface non-standard landscape amusement and other products. In order to maintain the corrosion resistance of stainless steel, steel must contain 18% or more chromium, 8% or more nickel content. 304 stainless steel is a brand of stainless steel produced in accordance with the US ASTM standardNo.

Non-standard travel + stainless steel slip slide + manufacturer (4)

Engineering case

Non-standard travel + stainless steel slide + combination slide (5)Stainless steel tube slide + Dragon Fengshanzhuang (1)Shopping mall stainless steel slideOffice casual play stainless steel slide

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