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[product name] artificial rock climbing
[product specifications] size can be customized
[Features] GS certification, wear-resistant, non-toxic
[Product use] Art climbing wall cultivates children's independent personality, exercise, increase physical fitness, exercise stability and balance.
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  • LT-PY003


  • PY003


Artificial rock climbing product description

Artificial rock climbingProduct parameters
product name Artificial rock climbing
product brand Nuutoo
Product number LT-PY003
Product specifications customizable
product material 1. Main frame: galvanized pipe, professional rock plate
2. Auxiliary material: PVC
3. Slide: LLDPE
Product color customizable
Adapt to age 2+
Adapt to the scene Community, park, playground, municipal engineering, scenic area, high-end kindergarten, resort center, hotel, children's playground
Transport installation 1. Special line logistics bulk packaging, cotton cloth + film packaging to ensure complete and no damage during transportation.
2, provide professional teacher installation services

Children's playground equipment + play equipment + rock climbing (5)

Children's playground equipment + play equipment + rock climbing (6)

Artificial rock climbing product description

Children's playground equipment + play equipment + rock climbing (7)     Currently,rock climbingWall sports are becoming more and more popular all over the world, especially after the bouldering and climbing, so that more people like this form of sports that can bring fun and avoid danger and hard environment.
     Rock climbing is generally divided into ordinary rock climbing, art rock climbing, plastic rock climbing, fiberglass rock climbing, rope climbing, etc. I believe that everyone has heard of this, but I believe that everyone may not be familiar with the theory of bouldering, but it must be in various media channels. I have seen it in the middle. In so many types of rock climbing, bouldering is the safest type of rock climbing, but for beginners and young people, it is always a dangerous and unfamiliar extreme sport. It is inevitable to be nervous or worried when you first enter the rock climbing hall.

Children's playground equipment + play equipment + rock climbing (11)Children's playground equipment + play equipment + rock climbing (10)

     It does not need to be carried out outdoors. The climbing rock wall simulates natural rock walls with a height of less than six meters. There are rock points of different sizes. The climbers rarely use special equipment such as ropes, and do not rely on external auxiliary forces to climb. climb. Many cities have climbing wall sites. Some people set up rock walls directly outdoors. Some people even combine it with karaoke, and set up a rock climbing box in KTV to allow customers to sing and climb. The Climbing Hall is dedicated to creating a relaxing and enjoyable environment where customers can only remember to play here.
Here are the essentials for climbing walls:

Children's playground equipment + play equipment + rock climbing (13)

First, the balance of climbing power:
1. The method of stable, balanced and labor-saving body is meticulous and light;
2. The wrist should be tight and the palm should be attached to the rock wall;
3. The inside of the big toe is close to the rock face, and the legs are slightly flexed.

Children's playground equipment + play equipment + rock climbing (12)

Second, special balance exercises, basic rules of hand and foot and flexibility exercises:
1. Pay attention to the position of the hand of different fulcrums and the method of force;
2. When climbing a long route, pay attention to the choice of two sections of hand rotation for rest, using one-arm suspension and one-leg support training method;

3. When the body is facing the rock wall, step on the foot and step on the outside of the toe. Do not step too much to facilitate changing the foot or turning. Adopt continuous in-situ training and traverse training methods;

4. Before the force is applied, the waist ribs are pushed to the rock wall, and the weight is transmitted to the feet. Do not relax and fall, especially when it is in the eaves and elevation angles;

5. When the climbing point is high, the body should be turned slightly, facing the fulcrum and squatting against the wall and falling backwards to make room for lifting the legs;
6. Do not lift the leg directly toward the rock wall.

Children's playground equipment + play equipment + rock climbing (14)

Third, the special balance ability practice essentials:
1. The action is accustomed to the rhythm. Every detail should be in place. When you rise, you must force your foot. You can't move your ankles quickly. Footsteps are the origin;
2. Continuous habits--pause--continuous habits--pause, intermittent, and the adjustment of the hands and feet and center of gravity in the usual movements should be in place, and the body balance should be restored as soon as possible after impacting the climbing point;
3. Use a toe to step on a position near the waist and use it as a climbing point to fold up the thigh, so that the lower body can be easily pushed up;
4. Pay attention to the poor flexibility when facing the wall, this action should avoid doing less;
5. When your knees are hanging down, you can turn your body to the side so that your arms can reach as far as possible. Respiratory Circulatory Exercise: Many people do not pay attention to the respiratory system. Active deep breathing training and maintenance must be emphasized. In training, consciously taking the initiative to take a deep breath, accompanied by a natural encouragement to shout (when overcoming difficulties), is encouraging.

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Children's playground equipment + play equipment + rock climbing (2)Children's playground equipment + play equipment + rock climbing (19)Children's playground equipment + play equipment + rock climbing (20)Children's playground equipment + play equipment + rock climbing (21)Children's playground equipment + play equipment + rock climbing (22)Children's playground equipment + play equipment + rock climbing (23)

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