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Le Tu non-standard amusement outdoor physical training climbing network


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[product name] music map non-standard amusement outdoor physical training climbing
[product specifications] specifications can be customized
[Features] GS certification, wear resistance, corrosion resistance
[Product use] Playground, children's playground, combination slides and other amusement equipment, users get one of the eight functions of "climbing" action
[Application Case] ​​Shanxi Taiyuan Aobao Kindergarten
[free hotline] 18057732525
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product description

Outdoor expansion + climbing + stainless steel rope net)

Name Value Name Value
product name Outdoor fitness training climbing colour Random, customizable
Product specifications Customizable Packing Cotton film woven bag three-layer packaging
Product Standards EN1176 Suitable for age 3+
Adapt to the scene Playground, shopping mall, resort center, children's activity center, hotel, water park Main material

1, 304 stainlesssteel

2, stainless steel wire mesh

3. Huang Hualinmu

4, galvanized steel pipe

Production Process

Rope net + climbing + rock climbingOutdoor expansion + climbing + stainless steel rope netNon-standard custom + outdoor development + rock climbing

Engineering case

Climbing + rope net + rock climbing Outdoor expansion + red rope net + stainless steel rope netClimbing + outdoor development + rock climbingClimbing + expansion training + stainless steel rope netNon-standard amusement + outdoor development + rock climbing

Quality comparison

Stainless steel slide quality comparison (1)Comparison of the quality of rope net combination slides (2)Comparison of the quality of rope net combination slides (3)Comparison of rope net combination slides (4)

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