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Rainbow grass sliding splicing slide


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[Product name] rainbow grass [Product Specifications] 2.1 / 3.4, slide size can be adjusted according to site [Product Features] GS certification, wear resistance, non-toxic [Product use] When the entertainment is strong, the race is tied to the festival, and the speed is 60 kilometers speed, so that visitors enjoy the stimulation of high-speed sliding, and with a slight weight loss, very exciting. Hygrass rail investment is low, high operational efficiency, fast investment, is a small entertainment, playground investment project [Contact] == ​​0 ==
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Product Description

Rainbow grassProduct parameters
product name Rainbow grass
product brand Nuutoo
Product number NE0897
Product specifications customizable
product material

1, home: galvanized pipe / 304 stainless steel (optional)

2, auxiliary materials: engineering plastics

3, car: 304 stainless steel
Product color customizable
Adaptable age 2+
Adaptive scene Residential, Park, Playground, Scenic Area, Resort, Hotel, Children's Paradise
Transportation installation 1, special line logistics bulk packaging, cotton + film packaging, guarantee the complete transportation, no damage
2. Provide professional teacher installation services

Rainbow hood is not affected by temperature, successfully breaks the geographical and time-space limit of snow toys. The company's rainbow grass series products are applicable to zero35Degree to zero65Between the degree, this temperature is sufficient to meet the business needs of China's north and north of China. The four seasons also gave a new selection for many ski resorts, water parks, etc., have strict venues and projects such as natural temperatures.

Colorful slide + colorful slide + dry snow slide + leap slide - (25)

product information

Colorful slide + dry snow slide + leap slide + colorful slide _02Colorful slide + dry snow slide + leap slide + colorful slide _03


Colorful slide + dry snow slide + leap slide + colorful slide _01

Colorful slide + dry snow slide + leap slide + colorful slide _15


Colorful slide + dry snow slide + leap slide + colorful slide _16

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