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What is the style of the Beetle non-standard amusement equipment?


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[product name] Beetle non-standard amusement equipment
[product specifications] customized according to site design
[Features] GS certification, wear-resistant, anti-corrosion (outdoor does not rust)
[Product use] Playground, children's playground, combination slides and other amusement equipment
[Application Case] ​​Hefei Zhonghaicheng
[free hotline] 18057732525
  • LTHD3512


  • 3512


Beetle combination play equipment description

Beetle Non-standard rideEquipment product parameters
product name Beetle non-standard amusement equipment
product brand Nuutoo/non-standard
Product number LTHD3512
Product specifications Non-standard customization
product material

1, yellow rosewood / high quality anti-corrosion wood (optional))

2, 304 stainless steel / galvanized steel pipe (optional)

Product color Non-standard customization
Suitable for age 2+
Adaptation site Community, park, playground, municipal engineering, scenic area, high-end kindergarten, resort center, hotel, children's playground
Transport installation 1. Special line logistics bulk packaging, cotton cloth + film packaging to ensure complete and no damage during transportation.
2, provide professional teacher installation services

Non-standard ride + beetle + rides + combination slide - (2)

    Non-standard amusement is the concept of sculpture, pursuing the beauty of the styling and incorporating the elements of play. The non-standard amusement has the theme of introducing animal modeling, scientific modeling, nature modeling, cartoon modeling, and the theme of the amusement park. The paradise becomes smart,Non-standard amusements are tailored to the specifications of the customer's site and specifications.

Beetle combination play equipment display

     The beetle is used as a non-standard amusement in the market.There are many applications in which the stainless steel beetle in a single form is widely used, can be used in animal insect parks, or can be used as a separate area of ​​a playground, and is an artifact that attracts visitors.

Non-standard ride + beetle + rides + combination slide - (8)Non-standard ride + beetle + rides + combination slide - (9)

    The Beetle Main Picture Park is also very popular among children. It has a beautiful shape, and then integrates the basic sports training actions of walking, running, jumping, balancing, casting, climbing, climbing and drilling in the space design. This personalized product is very suitable. Children's playgrounds with scientific nature are also suitable for teaching places, so they are deeply favored by kindergartens.

Non-standard ride + beetle + rides + combination slide - (6)Non-standard ride + beetle + rides + combination slide - (5)Non-standard ride + beetle + rides + combination slide - (7)Non-standard ride + beetle + rides + combination slide - (3)Non-standard ride + beetle + rides + combination slide - (4)

    There is also a common method used by insect parks to build a children's paradise with insect clusters, which is very attractive to the players.

Non-standard ride + beetle + rides + combination slide - (1)Non-standard ride + beetle + rides + combination slide - (2)

Beetle production example

Non-standard ride + beetle + rides + combination slide 10

Company strength

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