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Hefei Wanda Hope Zone

There is only one idea for each customer, that is, the indoor trampoline park can become their printing machine. Then the first step is the location problem. If the customer has enough funds, the choice of the mall will be a good place, the people are high, and those who come to the mall are all consume, as long as the product is attractive, then it is necessary Will n't business. Our indoor trampoline paradise is better than other play, not only can they also do the effect of fitness, but now many people worry about obese problems and don't want to do a single non-interesting exercise, just in the indoor trampoline park to provide them with fun and Can be slimwed.
After having excellent venues, the next step is to provide venue CAD charts and live photos, design indoor trampoline park renderings. Not satisfying, you can be able to modify you to your satisfactory program, you can offer you (quote containing product costs, installation fees, transportation fees) to you, you can make order payment production after the price is mentioned. The following rendering shows the rendering of Hope Zone indoor trampoline park, including avoiding ball area, free bouncing zone, climbing area, sponge cell, plant area, professional trampoline area, endurance, anti-ball area. This venue is rich in function and attracts a lot of customers in the intensive shopping mall, quickly returning to the beginning of the profit.

Hope Zone indoor trampoline park is rich, the following introduces a few projects from the popular sponge pool

There are a lot of sponge ponds, which can be jumped, the air flips, fall into the sea pit, is a happy manifestation of the trampoline sports. In addition, there is also a rock climbing area next to the Sponge PD, which makes people enjoy the excitement and stimulus from the air to the foam ocean. At the same time, for the motion master of posture, you can see yourself through the time of the scene, see yourself over the sponge area.

Professional trampoline

The professional trampoline is a skillful, namely gymnastics trampoline, Olympic trampoline, national gymnast dedicated, has a higher bombing force, where you can achieve a variety of more difficult air action trampoline exercises, provided higher Playing space.

Plant area

Do you want to experience the big bullet dunk on the court? The trampoline planting is far away, your feelings are far more than this. Use the trampoline rebound to fly the jump to put the ball into the basket, easily transform into the airborne player, and experience the freedom and pleasure of the flying leap.

Free bouncing zone

In the free bouncing area, we can provide a number of trampoline aerobics for people who need shaping, weight loss and mitigation a day, according to expert studies, trampoline movement is equivalent to the running of 30 minutes, running for 30 minutes, continuous jump Ten minutes is equivalent to jogging for half an hour consumption calorie. So long-term persistence of trampoline, helping to promote the improvement of metabolism and improving fat oxidation in the New City, preventing obesity symptoms.
Many people today know that the trampoline is helpful to your health, because every jump is in the burning calorie, lasting for ten minutes, it is equivalent to the calorie that is slowly running half an hour. Therefore, the indoor trampoline paradise is popular in the world, won the majority of praise, not only pleasant customers, but also exercise, so Hope Zone business will be so hot, so if you have an idea, then come to our company consultation.


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