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What are the advantages of choosing Letu Play? Here are the advantages:
1.STRENGTH MANUFACTURER:5000 square feet of production base.
2.R&D PROCESSES:Excellent domestic and international production technology.
3.HIGH QUALITY:15+ years of industry experience.
4.HIGH OPERATIONAL QUALITY:Good market and network operation mode System management.
5.CREATIVE DESIGN:Top creative design team.
6.AFFORDABLE PRICE:Manufacturer direct supply of equipment without middlemen.
Tailored Solutions For Outdoor 
Playground Equipment

Letu Play stands out as an adept manufacturer, delivering comprehensive solutions encompassing design, manufacturing, marketing, and post-sales services. We prioritize adherence to safety standards such as ASTM in the USA, EN in Europe, CAS in Canada,AS in Australia, and NZS in New Zealand. Our commitment ensures that all safety 
standards are not only met but exceeded, positioning our outdoor playground 
equipment at the forefront of the industry.

Letu Play presents an extensive range of outdoor playground equipment tailored to fit
your global budget and business strategy. Collaborating with letunot only guarantees
the safety of children during play but also serves as a catalyst for enhancing our clients' business endeavors. Feel free to get in touch with us; let's engage in a meaningful conversation.
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Letu Play stands out as an adept outdoor playground manufacturer, delivering comprehensive solutions encompassing design

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Exemplary Case Of Outdoor Playground Equipment

Exploring recent global instances from letu, we have successfully extended our reach to over 45 countries, garnering a loyal customer base 
exceeding 1000 outdoor playground equipment worldwide.
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Analysis of Costs for Outdoor Playground Budgeting
Clients often inquire, "What is the cost of a commercial outdoor playground?" The ultimate price is contingent upon factors such as custom design, material specifications, and 
transportation requirements. Significant disparities in cost can arise based on variations in any one of these three factors. Continue reading to gain insights into the 
breakdown of costs associated with a commercial outdoor playground and discover strategies for funding your purchase.
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About Us
Wenzhou Letu Play Equipment Co., Ltd, founded in 2016, is located in the convenient traffic and beautiful scenery of the Oujiang River - China's teaching toys capital of Wenzhou Qiaoxia Town. It is a collection of outdoor children playground landscapes, fun, adventure, playground equipment development, design, production, and sales as one of the modern enterprises. The main show and sales of powerless play equipment, stainless steel slides, wooden playground equipment, non-standard play equipment, water park equipment, theme park facilities, and so on! It can be customized according to different sites, styles, and design solutions.
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Customization Process
Customized outdoor playgrounds are available on request.
    Market Research
    Fully communicate with customers, an in-depth knowledge of customer need for outdoor playground equipment, to lay the foundation for later cooperation.
    Business Planning​​​​​​​
    Combining the characteristics and advantages of the outdoor children playground site, planning different amusement activities to attract people flow and increase the commercial value.We have an excellent technical team,which can be designed according to customers requirements.
    Project Planning
    After positioning the main body according to the client's commercial use, the project is matched with excellent outdoor playground equipment, forming a flat project plan and preliminary budget.​​​​​​​
    Deepening Design
    Based on market research, story collation, and theme outdoor children playground planning, propose design concepts, deepen playground equipment design, formulate longer-term development plans. ​​​​​​​
    Lean Production
    Workers more than 10 times a year of production management training, production process to pay close attention to details, and excellence, to create children feel at ease to play outdoor playground equipment.
    Equipment Transport​​​​​​​
    Communicate in advance, choose the optimal solution for transporting outdoor children playground equipment, and ensure the safety of the goods without bumping.
    Installation & Construction​​​​​​​
    According to the EN1176 EU standard for the installation of outdoor playground equipment, Focusing on the quality of the construction, we ensure that the play equipment meets international safety standards.
    Safety Acceptance​​​​​​​
    After installation is completed, Party A acceptance personnel enter the playground to inspect and communicate with the installation and construction personnel to improve theoutdoor children playground.​​​​​​​
    Operation Management​​​​​​​
    Before commencing operation, Carry out pre-service safety training for outdoor children playground staff, so that the staff can quickly get to work and ensure the normal operation of the playground.​​​​​​​
Let children play happier and safer, the first to launch China's high-quality leisure amusement equipment, outdoor amusement facilities overall solution provider.
Product Advantages
With a standard workshop of 170,000 square meters,letu has already achieved more than 200 technical patents. the playground pass TUV certificate which conform to EN1176 standard , also ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001 and so on.
Brand Advantages
Founded in 2009. Letu's marketing network radiates five continents, products sell well in more than 80 countries and regions.We provided playground equipment for more than 10,000 kindergartens and communities around the world.
Design Advantages
Letu has a high-quality R&D and design team that can provide you with a complete design solution for outdoor playgrounds and indoor children's furniture according to your basic requirements, welcome all of you to join us.
Service Advantages​​​​​​​
Before delivery,we strictly inspect every component to ensure there are no mistakes.We have an excellent service team with great experience to help you with playground assembly.It would be our pleasure to establish long-term cooperation with you.
The more experience you have in buying outdoor playgrounds, the more you’ll know about the complicated process. Between 
confusing design, budget & profit, it’s easy to make the wrong decision to result in an unwise investment. If you are a first-time outdoor 
playground investor in America, you can avoid it by knowing common pitfalls.
Our outdoor playground equipment is made from high-quality materials, is well crafted, and complies with European standards such as EN.
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