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  • Letu Play from its inception to now, adhering to the "learning in the play" concept, with 9 service systems as the top priority, to provide customers with 5000 + investment programs, 6000 + successful cases, and 1200 + customers to repurchase products.

    According to the different types of venues, the successful cases are mainly divided into community playground cases, kindergarten playground cases, commercial playground cases, and indoor amusement equipment four major segments.

    As a leading playground equipment manufacturer and supplier, our extensive gallery showcases innovative and safe designs that captivate children's imaginations. With a commitment to quality, we create durable and engaging play structures, ensuring a delightful and secure play experience for every child.
Community Playground Equipment Cases
As a leading playground equipment supplier, we specialize in providing high-quality wooden playground equipment, classic playground
equipment, and landscaped playground solutions for community play.
Kindergarten Playground Equipment Cases 
As a leading school playground equipment supplier, we offer solutions such as classic playground slides and customized playgrounds for kindergarten children.
Park Playground Equipment Cases 
As a leading playground equipment supplier, we specialize in playground equipment supply to bring kids a different outdoor experience
with quality wooden playgrounds and custom playground designs.
Indoor Playground Equipment Cases 
As leading China kids indoor playground equipment manufacturers, our extensive range includes Indoor Trampoline Parks, Large Indoor Playgrounds, and Small Indoor Playgrounds.
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