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Letu Play is a professional playground equipment manufacturer, we offer a wide range of product types, mainly including outdoor playground, playground equipment, playground set, indoor playground, and outdoor amusement park in five major segments.
We specialize in crafting thrilling playground equipment that captivates audiences of all ages. With a keen focus on safety, quality, and creativity, our designs promise unforgettable experiences. Each playground equipment is meticulously engineered for maximum fun and enjoyment.

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Let Children Play Happier and safer, is the first to launch China's high-quality leisure play equipment, outdoor amusement facilities, and the overall solution provider.
Our Strength
We are a professional playground equipment manufacturer, which can be customised according to different venues.
5000 Square Meters Outdoor
Playground Equipment Production Base
Over 15 Years Experience As
Playground Equipment Manufacturer

Excellent At Home&Abroad
Playground Equipment Production Technology
Top Outdoor Play Equipment
Creative Design Team
9S Service Projects
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Mr. Xu
   xu@nuutoo.com
   +86 15306887188
  +86 15306887188
  Wenzhou, Yongjia County, Wenzhou City Letu Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd.

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