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Park Playground

  • Q What is the material of the stainless steel slide?

    A Our stainless steel slides are made of 304 stainless steel, and the minimum thickness of the material is more than 3 thick.
  • Q What kind of venues are outdoor unpowered play equipment suitable for?

    A Outdoor non-powered play equipment is suitable for kindergartens, communities, scenic spots, parks, etc. The specifics should be judged according to the actual situation.
  • Q What is the size of outdoor children's play equipment?

    A Outdoor children's play equipment is varied and of different sizes, so it is important to look at the specific product to get a clear idea of its size.
  • Q What are the characteristics of outdoor non-powered play equipment?

    A Outdoor non-powered play equipment is made of natural solid wood, environmentally friendly and odorless, with a variety of projects to meet the needs of different ages, loved by children and adults, and highly interactive, which is conducive to enhancing the parent-child relationship.


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