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  • Q Forgetting maintenance budgets for Daily, monthly, and annual inspections

    A Maintaining manuals, regular inspections, and reminder services can save costs on manpower and material resources.
  • Q Wrong installation

    If you install by yourselves, you'll likely find professional people with working experience to install equipment correctly.
  • Q Not considering quality and seeking lower prices

    A Choosing the best material to ensure a long lifetime and saving costs in maintenance.
  • Q Totally do not have ideas about design

    A Sure, what exact kind of items do you want, what main age and function, etc?
  • Q Forgetting safety regulations

    Make sure the equipment you purchase complies with all safety standards and local regulations.
  • Q Not working with the right supplier

    Try to find a reliable supplier who can provide you with the ideal solution and has cases in your country.
  • Q Do you provide installation services for indoor playgrounds?

    A Yes, we offer professional installation services to ensure that the indoor playground is set up securely and according to safety standards. Our team handles the entire installation process.
  • Q What equipment is commonly found in kids' indoor playgrounds?

    A Kids' indoor playgrounds often include slides, ball pits, climbing structures, trampolines, and interactive games to provide a diverse and engaging play experience.


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