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  • Q What kind of combination slides are available for kindergartens?

    A It is recommended to use the log-type combination slide to meet the kindergarten basic action teaching content: walking, running, jumping, balancing, throwing, climbing, climbing, drilling, but also enrich the campus construction.
  • Q What is the material of the stainless steel slide?

    A Our stainless steel slides are made of 304 stainless steel, and the minimum thickness of the material is more than 3 thick.
  • Q Can the slide be customized?

    A Our company is a professional non-standard amusement manufacturer, mainly engaged in the production and sale of non-standard products, the slide can be customized according to the requirements of the venue.
  • Q How many kinds of materials are available for wooden slides?

    A Our company uses three kinds of main materials, customized according to customer requirements: 1, anticorrosive wood; 2, African imports of Huanghualin; 3, Hundred Flowers Kui
  • Q How long is the production cycle of the stainless steel slide?

    A Stainless steel slide belongs to custom products, customers need to pay a deposit to determine the drawings of the simplest slide generally within a week, more than 7m above the arc slide according to the actual situation of customer service.
  • Q How much capital is generally required to invest in an indoor non-powered playground?

    A Indoor non-powered playground investment in the main three blocks: site rental + equipment + operating costs, start-up capital can be estimated as 3 times the equipment, the equipment itself is related to the positioning of the project, you can generally do the investment budget according to the 300-1,500 yuan / square foot equipment.
  • Q How to choose a site for a profitable playground?

    A First, the preferred existing customer traffic, convenient customer flow conversion of the location: easy travelling, convenient parking, complete supporting, consumption capacity is suitable;.
    Second, according to the differentiation of different projects, select the site of relevance: sports parks, leisure villas, special hotels and other industries with high relevance.
  • Q How to calculate the price of a stainless steel slide?

    A Stainless steel slide belongs to customized products, there are many kinds, which generally can be divided into stainless steel straight slide, stainless steel half-barrel slide, stainless steel full barrel slide, translucent stainless steel barrel slide, stainless steel rotary slide, translucent stainless steel rotary slide, stainless steel double slide, stainless steel barrel and so on. Due to the different requirements of the shaping process, pricing needs to be based on the actual situation, generally, no special requirements of 1600 yuan/meter starting price!


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