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Where in Zhoukou, Henan Province Is There A Successful Case of Powerless Play Equipment for Playgrounds?

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Henan Fugou Qinghua Park outdoor amusement equipment project designed by LeTu, production, installation of amusement equipment, background with a variety of colors, graphics for the geometric circle, by the bear modeling, zebra modeling, elephant modeling of the three parts, each part of the characteristics of significant, bright colors, warm colors, more playgrounds add a few atmosphere, so that the children on the ground to release, enjoy the fun of play.


 Play Equipment-1


Communication deal: after several rounds of design revisions, finalized the unique shape of the theme of the playground.

In the pre-communication with the customer, repeated communication, modification of the program seven times, and finally finalizing and closing the deal, the final landing program is unique, the form of palpable;

Most of the projects are a combination of slides, plum blossom piles, multi-person expansion, teeter-totter, and other outdoor play equipment projects;

Color, mostly warm tones, and the building's light beige complement each other, glittering.


 Play Equipment-2

Production fulfillment: according to the list of quotes for material procurement, procurement, good plan,according to the design drawings for production, after production, test fitting inspection, lasted about ten days.


 Play Equipment-3

Shipment: final confirmation of the work before shipment, with a trolley will be transported to the truck boxed play equipment, boxed after the completion of transportation.


 Play Equipment-4

Installation: After the play equipment arrives at the destination, the company sends professional installers to the destination to install the equipment for the customers, and after all the installation work is completed, the company will make a handover and acceptance with the customers.

Five,EPDM Construction

Play Equipment-1

EPDM施工-(7)Play Equipment-2

 Play Equipment-5

The ground EPDM construction: after the installation work is completed, the master workers in the ground construction, reinforce the play equipment, to ensure its safety.


 Play Equipment-6

As a whole, the playground is warm and colorful, with a variety of designs and rows, and the design style mostly adopts animal forms to inject vitality into the play equipment and make it more vivid.

On the first open day, the outdoor play equipment project attracted a large number of people, and the daily flow of people reached more than 2,000 people.

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