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There are many projects that lose weight, everyone likes aerobic exercise, but there are many don't like to exercise outdoors, so I recommend big.
A new and effective weight loss exercise --- Amusement trampoline play trampoline can exercise all muscle tissues in your body, exercise your heart, help you prevent a variety of diseases. It doesn't run so much on the pressure of the knee joint, and you can also practice a pair of legs.
This is a venue in Yangjiazhai Scenic Area, Wuli Town, Huangshan District, Huangshan District, Huangshan City, Anhui Province. One purpose of weight loss, the boss personally drives from Huangshan to visit Wenzhou to investigate the Ben, the quality is very recognized, just out of the renderings, confirm that the deposit will be paid to let us produce it, it is also right before installation. Our praise is good!

Amusement trampoline 5.le.b8.705.054 .01 product description

Size (m) 12 * 9 * 4.5M
Certification ISO14001, ISO18000, ISO9001, Germany TUV company GS certification
Material 1. Jump: US imported trampoline pad
2. Plastic powder: from Aksu plastic powder in the Netherlands
3. Soft bag: Pearl + high elastic sponge structure
4. Frame: 8 * 5cm, 8 * 8cm, thickness is a hot galvanized tube of 3.0mm
5. Springs: The use of a piano wire material, the deformed tensile length is 5 times the manganese steel
Advantage 1. Non-toxicity, no odor, harmless high-grade mat, easy to do either children's toys, but also as decorations
2. Has beautiful, light, can't wrinkle, no opening, wear resistance, durable, environmentally-friendly anti-static, antibacterial. This product is mining
Manufactured with imported PVC, high-density high rebound soft material
3. Soft, sound, shock absorption. Double-sided can be used (you can also do two-color), there is a certain slip effect
Effectively block the cold in the ground.
Install Professional CAD indication, assembly program and project case.
age range Over 5 years old
capacity 50-60 people
Amusement park, kindergarten, pre-school class, university city.
Package Standard export packaging steel rack: packaging cotton + film, soft bag: multi-layer film, fence and sloppy: woven bag, spring screw editing
Weaving bag, package: thick bag, soft bag platform: bubble film + film
Shelf life 1. Iron parts: 3 years
2. Shu: 2 years
3. Soft package: 1 year
4. Bear: 1 year
We can design according to your requirements.

This is a comprehensive amusement trampoline combined with a trampoline and naughty castle to meet the needs of people of different ages, especially for children, help the forerunge feeling, cultivate balance, and training children's hand-eye coordination, for children The maturity help of self-motivating and sports plans is large. The jumping bed also helps the child's emotional stability.


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