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This indoor trampoline park in Jinan, Shandong, 88 square meters, although the area is small, but it is carefully designed by our customers with our professional designers.
A set of products layout. A set of electric shadows placed in this trampoline location and Sha pool products, customers think that children come over
And every time you come over, just the children are playing, the parents look outside, customers always want to make a set of children to play.
The product, so I found them, we are a manufacturer specializing in the production of trampolines, and customers understand our information, telephone consultation, customers.
Say: \"It is a big factory, and it has seen the physical photos, it is a trusted manufacturer! \" From the design to order, only one week,
And our installation strength is too hard, customers are very satisfied with our installation!
The equipment of the indoor trampoline park can also improve the attention, memory, thinking ability, etc., after all, in the trampoline,
Some people's physical instinct will also participate in it to ensure their lives, so, as long as they have long been exercising for a long time, children are
Ability must be significantly improved!
Spider: Spider-Hand Climbing Wall is an entertainment project that can be attached to the wall.
Magic wall, then slowly fall, just like Spider-Man in the United States, very exciting, you can exercise the self-confidence of children,
The face is better than the magic wall that is high, still resolutely jumping up, and the mind is natural to be confident than the average person.

Indoor Trampoline Park 5.Le.b6.708.022.08 Product Description

Trampoline park size (m) 11400 * 5050 * 4000mm
Trampoline park certification ISO14001, ISO18000, ISO9001, Germany TUV company GS certification
Trampoline park material Jump: PP
2. Plastic powder: from Aksu plastic powder in the Netherlands
3. Soft bag: 35mm-55mm thick tightness
4. Frame: 8 * 5cm, 8 * 8cm, thickness is a hot galvanized tube of 3.0mm
5. Springs: The use of a piano wire material, the deformed tensile length is 5 times the manganese steel
Trampoline park advantage 1. Non-toxicity, no odor, harmless high-grade mat, easy to do either children's toys, but also as decorations
2. Has beautiful, light, can't wrinkle, no opening, wear resistance, durable, environmentally-friendly anti-static, antibacterial. This product uses imported PVC,
High density high rebound soft material manufacturing
3. Soft, sound, shock absorption. Double-sided (also make two-color), there is a certain slip effect, effectively block the ground cold.
Trampoline park installation Professional CAD indication, assembly program and project case.
Age range of trampoline parks over 3 years old
Trampoline park capacity 80-100 people
Trampoline park applicable
Amusement park, kindergarten, pre-school class, residential community.
Trampoline park packaging Standard export packaging, soft packaging PVC
Trampoline park shelf life 1. Plastic parts: 1 year
2. Metal parts: 1 year
We can design a trampoline park based on your requirements.
Since there is a part in the top of the site, there is a yellow boss under the pipeline, so that the color is coordinated and beautiful!


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