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Nanchang Wandamao Hope Zone

Opening a trampoline theme park location is a very important link, where you bring your own traffic in the mall, you can make the venue business, Hope Zone covers an area of ​​700 square meters, the equipment is 600,000, 2 months return, day all Passenger traffic is 260 people

Hope Zone Trampoline Theme Parks One of the most popular features of the project to endure space

The concept of enduring the space comes from the competitive real people show \"The United States to endure the Warriors\", which has now been developed into a new class of sports. Earrant to have a fun and challenge of entertainment, jumping, rock climbing, and balanced entertainment. The obstacle is the latest trend in the fitness industry. We endured the space to provide this type of project to the players.
The trampoline theme park marketing strategy has a lot of marketing strategies, and the annual card is extremely ordinary. For example, if you do about a year of 2000 yuan, you can play a number of people in the middle of the year, you can also get some joint construction benefits. Hope Zone is used to use open activities to attract customers, and give a way that is greater than the consumption amount as a return to attract turf.
The popularity of the OPE Zone Trampoline Theme Park is very important, as well as the professional and service we give customers, we provide him with VIP channel design director one person design, in meeting customers, I
They also continue to optimize design, and make a satisfactory answer to customers after 2 throughout. The project contains free bouncing zone, endures space, sponge rock climbing, planting area, professional trampoline zone, avoiding ball. customer
After the design is satisfied, we take our customers to watch our workshops and exhibition halls, and each material specification of the product is present in front of the customer. After the customer was investigated, there was not long before the customer selected our company's orders. After opening
It also exceeded the customer's expectations, and the businesses were quickly returned to this, and many branches have been opened.


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