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Guizhou Anshun Huaine Piece Case - Bai Neng, Youth Youth Fashion Sports Hall

Bai Neng, the Youth Fashion Sports Center is located in the northwest side of the mountain Long Ting, North Airlines. The trampoline landlord covers an area of ​​195 square meters, and the designer creates a novel tranquaker in the British style. It contains a sponge pond (one of the people's favorite trampoline projects), the boss (using the bouncing, easy to complete the reverse), obliquely Face (use the tendency to make the sloppy to complete the backward), freely bullish (let us easily coach the ground), etc. Is a comprehensive sports hall in Youth Children, the following is the renderings of the trampoline:
There is a set of its own design ideas in the early days of designing trampoline park, with a set of business philosophy. Mainly to create a children's youth integrated hall. The children are here, have professional coaches, trampolines, flat belts, etc. Body and expression skills. They are a group of young teams with their own dreams. With their help, they can cultivate their children better physical conditions, discover their talents, let them find their hobbies, and the special course here can help children enhance stronger personality. Charm and competitiveness. The following is the coach to do activities with children:
When the customer contacted us, he told us that he attaches great importance to the quality, quality of manufacturers. It also examines manufacturers on the market, understand the materials of each manufacturer. The price is also understood from 200 to 500. The online understanding of the start, the customer can also see the different materials, and the contrast can only be price. In order to make customers more intuitive understanding of the reason why the manufacturer's price span is so big, we will send our samples to our customers, and invite customers to come to the company to do further investigation.
A project combined with sports and entertainment, each exercise may have a safety hazard, in order to create a comfortable and safe environment for children. The customer specially came to the manufacturer from Anshun and inspected our factory, quality, quality, and various sectors. Participate in the design of the designer in person, combined with the idea of ​​the customer, the designer's professional design angle, design the safety of each trampoline area.
After coming to the company, I have given affirmation for our company's product quality customers. After the company discussed the design graphics on the same day, it was in the interested gold. Go back to 3 days later customers determined the size and signed a contract. Each order is a customer's affirmation for a company. Every team of our company is constantly improving on quality, service, and after-sales, to create the most perfect and safer trampoline park.
The trampoline park 100 to 200 square less than 15 to 20 days, 200 to 500 square less than 20 to 25 days, 500 to 1000 square less than 25 to 30 days ..... we must follow the specific square according to the production order Calculate the delivery time. In order to give your child a complete training venue in order to give your child on the summer vacation, I hope that we can be delivered at 10 days and have installed 7 days. Our production team is working in work every day, overtocs to night, only to deliver in advance. After delivery, the company sent a professional installation master. In order to open as soon as possible, we followed the installation master from 8 o'clock every day, he has been busy at 2 o'clock in the morning, speeding up the installation time, 3 days to install it. 195 square venue. The trampoline park is just on the summer vacation, on July 9, 2017, at 8:18 am, with the official opening of the cannon, there is a delicious dessert on the same day, the competition activities (rich gifts) have a lottery Wait.
Bai Neng, the Youth Youth Fashion Sports Hall, a child, smart, well-developed, is deeply liked by parents.


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