brand introduction

brand introduction

Flag \"Tao \" is the company's registered professional preschool assembly brand, focusing on kindergarten furniture planning, design and production, using preschool education as a core, building a professional specialty product, aiming to provide children's growth process Service! The main products are divided into two categories: kindergarten furniture and kindergarten toys. The furniture is divided into four series: Kindergarten table and chairs, kindergarten bed, kindergarten cabinet, kindergarten doll home. Toy is divided into two series: Kindergarten indoor slide, and kindergarten blocks.

Kindergarten table and chair series

Kindergarten table and chair series:

Amoy is the company's professional kindergarten furniture production, early education furniture brand. Kindergarten table and chairs include: kindergarten classroom table and chairs, book chairs, children's training institutions, tables and chairs, kindergarten restaurant tables and chairs, children reading tables and chairs, etc.

Kindergarten display cabinet series

Kindergarten display cabinet series:

Kindergarten furniture is a necessary supporting equipment necessary for kindergarten, including kindergarten table and chairs, kindergarten beds, kindergarten bookcases, shoe cabinets, book cabinets, clothes cabinets, toy cabinets, kindergarten slides, etc. According to the materials used, kindergarten furniture can be divided into two categories of furniture furniture in wooden kindergartens and plastic kindergartens.
Then, when you add kindergarten furniture to your baby, it is to choose wood or choose plastics. So what is more secure for kindergarten furniture wood and plastic?
In fact, whether the kindergarten furniture is safe to follow the material or there is no big relationship between wood. Also, plastic materials have non-toxic food-grade imported plastics, as well as severe contaminated inferior plastic materials; the same woody natural solid wood, also have a poor synthetic board. So kindergarten furniture choices should pay attention to the following aspects:
I. Material selection: Be sure to choose kindergarten solid wood furniture or non-toxic and tasteless food graphics, do not use inferior plastic materials and synthetic boards.

Kindergarten bed series

Kindergarten bed series:

Second, see if the workman is fine: When choosing kindergarten furniture, the quality workmanship will be fine. The corners will be arc-processed, the lacquer surface treatment is very smooth, and it will feel very comfortable with the hand touch surface. The bottom of the kindergarten table and chairs are equipped with moisture-proof, color and pattern uniform and natural, etc., these small details can be Side reflects whether the manufacturer of kindergarten furniture is intentional. Third, try whether the knot is firm: When the kindergarten is picking furniture, we must first try the firmness of the furniture. We can try to push a push, shake, if it feels very loose or easy to pour, then don't buy, so as not to accidentally occur.
Fourth, in addition to the above methods, selecting kindergarten furniture must choose a professional manufacturer of kindergarten furniture. First, the factory direct sells to the maximum benefit to customers, the price is lower. Second, professional production of kindergarten furniture will also be more professional, detail processing can also be more brought into children's needs, and children are more effective and safer;

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