brand introduction

brand introduction

\"Fort\" is the indoor children's play high-end brand registered by Chau, \"Guobao \" is committed to the planning, design, production of the indoor children's paradise, with children's park as the core, to create nine special sections, aim One-stop service required to provide children's growth process!
With the advancement of the times and the changes in the concept of parents, the concept of cultivating the child has also turned from the previous \"Raising\", and more focuses on the full development of the baby's morality, the center of education. It is also focused from the preliminary food and clothing to today's entertainment and education. In this case, the child industry is required to operate more comprehensive, more professional, and the responsibility assumed by the Children's Paradise is not only to provide a play experience, but let the child get a more comprehensive growth while playing.
The music map leader has been studying the growth of Chinese children from the \"Guobao \" brand, and continuously explores the development law of the industry to optimize progress. In the future, Tao will fully open the road of expansion of the brand, will provide more happiness, more integrated, more comprehensive children's industry services to more children, leading the development direction of the industry, achieving the whole ecological national quality of the children's industry.

Naughty Fort Children's Paradise

Naughty Fort Children's Paradise:

Naughty Fort Children's Paradise is a place for children to play entertainment, with a variety of games and amusement equipment. The children's paradise is new, which is combined by a cylinder and square house. The monkey king is painted on the Mosaic Wall, the animal world, which is the sea and other color patterns. In the park, the straight line and the curve are interlaced. On both sides of the road, there is a stone bamboo, red leaf peaches, kumbang, ginkgo, Longbo, Shi Nan. Walking around the garden. There is a sculpture in the garden, and the square full stone base is covered with a gold monkey, the pedestal is three young children carry a big peach. In front of the sculpture, there is a stone forest, its shape is a thousand poses, \"Waiting for the Rabbit \", \"Pony Cross the River \", \"Death Tips \" The sculpture of the twelve Zodiac is put in it, and it is very vivid, quite aura. There is a combination of slides, animal shape slides, artificial swivel chairs, electric shot chairs, foot drums, and various types of electric slamming vehicles, and combined electric police cars. These amusement facilities are cheap, and the color is bright, and I will be happy with children. A ferroe wheel, relying on the left side, the giant wheel is flying, and it is fascinating. Turn right in the way to the west, 5 festival trains travel on the round rail. The orbits are a blindstorm, and there is a feeling of driving in the grassland.

Trampoline park

Trampoline paradise:

With the development of China's economy, the improvement of the people's living standards, under this macro situation, the original play equipment has not satisfied the demand for high-level consumption, the third generation of personalized play is standing up in 2013, and it has begun to open a change. ... With the development of leisure sightseeing tourism, the integration of enhancements is also increasingly used in the development of leisure sightseeing tourism. What kind of landscape arrangement is it? It is the scene of life, environmental shape, and turns into magic, and combines people's lives and play. Through this innovative combination, create an unconventional, do not have highlights of personalized landscape. This landscape is also known as \"Creative Landscape Amusement \", personalized landscape amusement is bold to introduce high-end real estate, main map, kindergarten, department store, park and other children's activities. It integrates fitness and entertainment landscapes, according to children's interests and interested in designing a variety of different styles, and a comprehensive comprehensive children's paradise. It is designed for children like drill, climbing, slipping. A new generation of outdoor amusement equipment with chic appearance, bright color, strong entertainment, complete function, reliable quality

rock climbing

rock climbing:

Rock climbing has a \"rock wall ballet\", \"art gymnastics on the cliff\", \"is derived from mountaineering, strong skill, adventure, is an important project in extreme sports, The world is very popular.
Rock climbing is a competitive sports that are derived from mountaineering sports. The 1950s originated in the former Soviet Union, which is existing as a military training program in the army. In 1974, it is included in the World Competition. In the 1980s, the modern competitive climbing competition in the difficult climb was started to rise and cause extensive interest. In 1985, the first difficult climbing competition was held in Italy.
Art rock climbing, fire climbing is reducing the professionalism of rock climbing, enhancing fun, and creates a different experience space for non-professional people.

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