2020 explosive ride, outdoor intelligent, laze challenge, how about the park?

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2020 explosive ride, outdoor intelligent, laze challenge, how about the park?

Let the children go to explore in the process of play, and find that the new world is now looking forward to it, and the real musical education is needed to enhance the emotional interaction between parents through psychology and physical movements, and cultivate children. The spirit of communication skills, better training children's body's spatial and action coordination. Today, let Xiaobian introduce you to the smart shade maze challenge!

This article contains the following:

1, intelligent maze park introduction

2, characteristics of smart maze park

3, the three cores of the smart maze

Chau Niji Tour + Climb + Stereo Maze - (3)

First, the intelligent maze paradise introduction

The Smart Shaoguan Challenge is an outdoor wisdom maze park through the intelligent bracelet, interactive sensation, three parts of the game Shaoguan. Before building this park, our company continues to iterate the original maze project, and conduct a series of feasible measures to innovate challenges, introducing current popular smart devices into maze amusement, thus enhancing the interaction of the game, but also Plays the role of intelligence to the best state.

Second, the characteristics of intelligent maze park

Children cross in the smart maze, realize happiness, strange, challenges and achievements. First of all, the maze has made children feel different play experience through intelligent amusement equipment, bringing time and speed of the time and speed to win the sense of accomplishment within a short time. Thus, the four major advantages of the smart challenge maze park also reflects that the labyrinth interoperability shows the unique play method; the bracelet touch is convenient for children, enhances trust interaction; the theme seal of the scene is more Good visual experience effect; time to play the experience of parental competition.

Chau Niji Tour + Climb + Stereo Maze - (1)

Third, the three cores of the smart maze

2020 explosive Outdoor Smart Maze Challenge Paradise By modular installation, quickly disassemble the hardware advantage of the IP subject customization, bringing a more cool and fun park for the public. The scene of the scene is a strong play atmosphere, and each child is in the parachard, through different challenge type projects, experience the unlimited happiness of competitive. The paradise has been used in the park, which can be monitored in the park.

The present theme nature of the Outdoor Children's Paradise is increasingly abundant, and different IP themes bring to the children to be different, but they want to operate their theme parks. It is also possible.

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