Amusement combination slide, the ocean of children's joy!

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Amusement combination slide, the ocean of children's joy!

If you can choose, do you choose to play alone or a group of friends? One person is too lonely to play, a group of small partners to play is a few happy additions, of course, a group of small friends to play more fun!

If you can choose, do you choose to play a monotonous game or a game in a diverse amusement park? A variety of games can not only develop intelligence, but also a lot of playmates. Of course, the games in the diverse amusement parks are more fun!

So, what are the most common rides in all amusement parks?

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Amusement combination slide, the ocean of children's joy

That's right, it's it, the children's love - slides. The general slide is at a 45 degree angle and is called a 45 degree slide. The children descended from a height, enjoying the pleasure of sliding and free fall, feeling the sense of accomplishment from the low point of the slide to the heights, the slides brought happiness to the children and provided a more child. Rock climbing, drilling, crawling, free-sliding free-opening playgrounds; there is also a slide with a 90-degree right angle. The 90-degree slide is more exciting than the 45-degree slide. The free-falling high-altitude slides give the children more excitement. Feeling and expedition, this is also the exercise of children's courage and wisdom. As long as you master the right angles, free fall, hands clasping your head and other related action essentials, it is not difficult to hurry down from the 90-degree slide.

Most of the ride combination slides are generally used in large shopping malls or shopping malls for children to provide playgrounds. In general, the structural performance of the play combination slides: safe, durable and very reliable; the combination of the play combination slides is ingeniously designed. The color is harmonious; it can bring children a relaxed, pleasant, safe and reliable play environment.

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Amusement combination slide, the sea of ​​children's joy

Most of the ride combination slides are designed with individualized features of fitness, entertainment and teaching. Each type of slide combination has its design essence. Designers will design according to their interests and hobbies. A variety of different styles, the core concept of the design with the integrated slide is mainly designed for children who like the characteristics of drilling, climbing, sliding, rolling, etc. The general amusement after-sale slides are colorful, entertaining and fully functional. Significant features such as reliable quality.

It is precisely because these characteristics attract countless children to rush to play on the slides of the play combination, so that they can have fun, and secondly, they can make a lot of playmates; the children are the consumption points of the amusement slides. With the liberalization of the second child policy, more and more children are born, and our ride combination slides will be more and more liked by children, and it will become the mark of an era.

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