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Amusement equipment that kindergartens should be equipped includes these non-powered equipment

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Amusement equipment that kindergartens should be equipped includes these non-powered equipment

For children aged 3-6, outdoor activities are an important part of kindergarten life. No outdoor game participation, kindergarten life is incomplete. When learning some primary knowledge, these children need to feel the happiness and beauty of childhood. Therefore, amusement facilities have become the standard for the construction of kindergarten hardware.

Of course, this configuration can make flexible choices in different conditions, different environments, and the important thing is that children like, so high-end exquisite and creative new devices can attract their attention, and simple homemade equipment You can also bring happiness and your own role. Whether it is imported equipment or it works, the most popular playing equipment that kindergarten should have these non-powered equipment.

This article contains the following:

1, slide type

2, trampoline type

3, sports games

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First, slide type

The slides in kindergartens are essential. Of course, there are many choices of slides, usually stainless steel, plastic; and in form, large combination slides, slide, climbing, etc. There is also a simple small slide, through different subject image; these different slides are essentially the same, but according to specific details, it is suitable for children of different ages. To know the age of children, the gap showing the gap big.

Second, trampoline type

Many parents and friends will worry about the trampoline projects. Not suitable for children, but now there is a mini ground embedded trampoline, which has sufficient guarantees in security, and take care of the kindergarten staff, even 3 ~ 4 years old. Children can also easily experience, micro trampolines are strictly made in accordance with aged children in the details of the flexible, surrounding protection, their shape, coloring, etc., can give the kindergarten overall external environment.

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Third, sports games

Bicycle This kind of amusement project is very attractive to children. Bicycles and bicycle rides are actually very suitable for kindergarten atmosphere. Integrate into a variety of mini equipment, let your child experience the experience of carefree. Of course, kindergartens introduced such games, or requires teachers or staff care, pay attention to safety, ensuring basic neat, clean environment and kindergarten play project feasibility.

In fact, in addition to these entertainment equipment, kindergarten as a preschool education institution, can introduce more physical exercise equipment, of course, can also have certain entertainment functions, such as seesaw, small climbing projects, etc.

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