At this stage, the prices of children's play equipment are high?

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At this stage, the prices of children's play equipment are high?

In recent years, we can obviously see the development of children's playgrounds is increasingly growing. The play equipment project is endless, but the price of the play equipment is still always decided by the quality of the product and the size of the site. Nowadays, the brand franchise store of the Children's Paradise is now, but because the demand in the market is relatively large, entrepreneurs are also worried about the price of equipment, I want to know that the price of children's paradise is high. In fact, music chart children's playground products because it is the direct supply sales, relatively affordable price, while the profits are very good.

This article contains the following

1. Classification of children's play equipment

2. Differences children's play equipment

3. play equipment price advantage

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Categories of children's play equipment

According to market trends, we can be children's playground equipment is divided into three categories, namely: the traditional static include Fort naughty children's play equipment, inflatable park, slides, etc., the cost of such equipment is actually relatively lower, but only the children themselves play, interactivity is not particularly strong; play equipment belonging to the second category of electric type, but electrical equipment related to a security problem, it must be a certain age children can play, but the cost is relatively high; the first three types of play equipment is interactive, dynamic and static combined with each other, entertaining is the main core reflects higher equipment safety factor.

Differences in children's play equipment

When buying children's play equipment must pay attention to every manufacturer of design, general initial operators are difficult to distinguish differences in them, but if you want to choose to join the children's playground, then build you choose have national certification of music Figure children's play equipment, but it will also give you a detailed equipment and plan views. Whether it is better to do more large-scale amusement equipment, we hope you can come to our workshop to be checked.

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Playground Equipment price advantage

The price of music children's play equipment is based on the grade high and low price. At the same time, the biggest difference between our company's brand is to join the software support work. After the sales service is detailed, the purchase equipment is low, the choice is flexible, is a novice investor 2. How to choose a device will also conduct a reasonable selection of detailed selection of funds, venues, and population density.

Finally, children who choose a well-known brand high to join us always have a large advantage, and the support that the headquarters can bring is unlimited.

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