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Before the opening of the water park disinfection is the key

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Before the opening of the water park disinfection is the key

After a few months of hardships of anti-\"epidemic \", the domestic epidemics finally gradually stabilize, not only all localities have begun to rehabilitate, but also the water park and swimming pool will also begin to open business, which is undoubted to us. information! After all, I was bored for so long, and it was a physical and mental. At the same time, the footsteps of summer are gradually close, so hot weather can't help but want to swim in the water, bringing long-awaiting coolness to the skin.

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However, while you want to swim, another problem plagues if the water quality of the swimming pool is clean. Is there a risk of spreading viruses? This uncertain hygiene problem has also hindered many people to go to the swimming pool. Therefore, the swimming pool wants to re-duty, and disinfection work is particularly important! Please note. Excessive disinfection is hurt! Below you with some suggestions
Cycling Water Swimming pool should set up cyclic water purification and disinfection equipment and meet the requirements of water treatment. The water quality circulation of swimming places should maintain its perfection, establish regular inspections and maintenance systems, and do a good job in regular inspections, maintenance and maintenance records. Found the problem timely check, emergency treatment measures should be taken when possible, ensuring that each facility equipment operates normally, maintains a good state.

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Swimming places should be cleaned out of the swimming pool, and the pool, sanitary facilities, etc. should be cleaned, scrub and rinse.
1. When it is found that pollution should be sprayed or wiped with a concentration of 250-500 mg / L, and then scrubbes it again;
2, the shower chamber brush frequency should be higher, the ground periodically uses chlorine-containing disinfectant concentration of 500 mg / L for disinfection;
3, public health and garbage tanks should be cleaned in time, regular use of chlorine-containing disinfectant disinfection of 500 mg / L;
4. The air conditioning system needs to be strictly cleaned and disinfected in accordance with the \"centralized air conditioning ventilation system management method\" in public places;
5, other facilities and equipment such as drinking water, disinfection, rescue should be cleaned regularly.

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