Better choice than joining is the music map direct sales equipment!

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Better choice than joining is the music map direct sales equipment!

Children's play projects have gradually become an emerging industry, and the development speed is extremely fast, and has become the popular trend of market development. This Chaoyang industry will become an industrial industry in the future market. Le Mini Children's Paradise, which specializes in children's psychological research, senior experts and children's entertainment, education services, has become a toy marketing platform for a terminal permeability of China's educational toys market.

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1. Better choice than joining is a direct sales

2. Product line straight up

3. High-end theme playground free design

Better choice than joining is a direct sales

For entrepreneurs that have an idea to build their own outdoor children's playground, usually consider joining and independent operation. Le Minier will allow entrepreneurs to obtain a considerable operation support, enjoy the advantages of independent operations. A better choice than joining is to join the ingredients in the independent operation. Therefore, choosing to bring you with Le Mini children.

Non-standard travel + shopping mall slide + stainless steel slide + escape channel (1)

Product line straight up

Music play equipment directly through the production of supplies, eliminating Chinese companies to earn a price factor, bringing you the lowest price equipment product, saving nearly 40% of equipment costs. The biggest advantage in cooperation with music maps is that there is no need to pay the franchise fees and authorization fees, just pay the equipment cost required for the venues. At the same time, our company can provide part of the product design to customers, customers can conduct professional interviews with our designers, tell our designers.

High-end theme playground free design

At present, the development direction of domestic children's paradise tends to use high-tech equipment with high-tech equipment, and builds a new immersive children's playground. In addition, the children's paradise is more inclined to the family-style combination consumption, activities customized projects, and the development of the story of the scene, which is developed by a single project to the integrated play experience project. Therefore, the topic playground's activity places have become a trend of development, and our company can design the overall renderings of your design venues, and the modification design knows that you are satisfied.

Non-standard travel + shopping malls + stainless steel slides + escape channel (8)

Music Amusement is not only a playground equipment manufacturer, but also a group company that provides customers with an entire interior and exterior playground solution. We are accurately analyzed for our customers, from planning, development, production, transportation, installation, operation, and after-sales, one-stop service.

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