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Building a children's playground faces joining and independent entrepreneurship, how to choose?

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Building a children's playground faces joining and independent entrepreneurship, how to choose?

In recent years, the development of children's playground is quite hot, because the investment small income has received the attention of many entrepreneurial investors. At the same time, add the importance of family education, the need for children's recreational entertainment is also more strong, and the children's playground has already become a project in the park, community, supermarket, self-built centers. But building a children's playground will face a double choice for joining and its own business, how to choose?

This article contains the following

1. From the shop's cost of capital budget

2. From the risk of market analysis

3. Analysis of the energy it takes

From the capital cost budget shop

Most of the children's playground manufacturers do not charge their own brand in order to start their own brands. The investor has reduced a large part of the expenditure. This is also the case, causing investors to think that the franchise cost can be put on the site, as long as there is a good place to buy a good play equipment. In fact, if the investment cost of growth is greater, the franchise is more cost-effective than yourself, the brand benefit caused by the joily is to reduce advertising costs; the training facts brought by the joily are reducing employee costs. Therefore, franchise investment is cost-effective than yourself.

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Analysis from risk quotes

Insured is the most important thing to avoid risks, and choose to join us to solve in a short time. The joining is also from another perspective to use the operational results of successful cases, because the franchise store has a chain supporting operation mode, the advantage of brand efficiency, whether it is management, operation, promotion or equipment purchase. And the entrepreneurship involves a series of experience issues, can't find the right equipment, and find the right venue is a problem.

Analysis from the effort of spending

Choosing additional investments can reduce the purchase of equipment, surrounding risk analysis, activity planning operations, and a complete service system as a franchise store. And yourself must only start from scratch, ask for investors to learn, understand the knowledge in the children's play industry. Where is the quality of equipment manufacturers better, more affordable? How to plan design is welcome, etc.

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Of course, the opening of the children's playground is from the conditions of the investor itself and the idea!

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