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Can I open a 150-square-meter Children's Park?

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Can I open a 150-square-meter Children's Park?

Now the development prospect of the children's industry is very large, after all, the child is a core member of a family, the heart of the parents. Usually, you are willing to experience a variety of things, such as the play equipment in the playground. So this kind of store's business is generally easier, and it is also very popular. Many investors want to open a children's paradise in a suitable opportunity, so can I open a 150-square-meter Children's Park? I believe that many people will ask such a problem. Let's let the teacher of the music map amused.

This article contains the following

1 rent problem

2 decoration fee

3 Purchase of the device

4 franchise fee

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First, rent issues

We opened the children's paradise to choose a good venue, and rent is an important cost as a venue. The rent of different places is certain, after all, the level of development in every region is different, here is a case in the area of ​​150 square meters, the budget is estimated to be 4,000 yuan per month, usually, it is a three, Therefore, the rent is about 12,000 yuan in the first month.

Second, decoration costs

If you invest in a budget of a children's paradise is only 100,000 yuan, then you want to open a child park in a relatively developed place, it is definitely not worth it. After all, a renovation requirement of a developed city is higher, and the 150-square-meter decoration cost is also required to have more than 20,000 yuan.

Third, the purchase of equipment

The core key of a children's paradise is that equipment is the first to choose no power facilities or the electric equipment. First, it is necessary to consider its security. Only comprehensive consideration can be guaranteed, and parents can rest assured that their children come to the store. Only in our business can be more and more red, it is getting more and more. The same 150 square meters of equipment purchases, according to the purchase of 600 yuan per square meter, it takes 90,000 yuan.

Indoor play main map - Naughty Castle (Motto) 17

Fourth, join fees

If you have a more satisfactory children's playground, you need to join a certain franchise cost. In general, the cost of joining is calculated according to the size of the size, mainly to see the core market competitiveness of a manufacturer. It is estimated that 150 square meters of joining costs are about 30,000 to 70,000 yuan.

Therefore, the cost of the children playing a 150-square-meter child playground is about 150,000 yuan. Of course, the above is only used as a reference, and the specific price needs to be determined according to the actual situation.

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