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Can the landscape wooden amusement equipment can get long-term sun rain?

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Can the landscape wooden amusement equipment can get long-term sun rain?

Landscape types of wooden play equipmentBecause the overall nature of the material comes from, has a natural, environmentally friendly, healthy, elegant, natural and other features. Such devices can be adjacent to the distance between people and nature, close the intimate feeling between people and players. Wooden amusement equipment is a good psychological needs that meet modern urban humans advocate great nature, so they have always been sought after. So, can the landscape wooden amusement equipment can get long-term sun rain?

For this problem, the answer to the music map is that this need to see what kind of wood used by the play equipment you choose? If you choose some relatively poor quality or synthetic wood, of course, can not stand the outdoor test. But if you choose to corrosion, sexual function better, stronger weather-resistant wood preservative, which is certainly superior overall functionality. So, what kinds of wood to build out the outdoor play equipment is more popular?

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Pinus sylvestris Material

Pinus sylvestris material heartwood reddish brown, sapwood is light brown showing the overall Pinus sylvestris natural color, texture is very clear, revealing the nature of the build out of natural beauty. Because the material density is moderate, strong weather resistance, it is one of the leading Chinese wood preservative materials chosen. But because Zhangzai Song growing very fast, it also has a low cost cost characteristics. In many wood preservative material which, Akiko song is arguably one of the raw materials of a high cost of outdoor play equipment.

Oak Material

Oak relatively straight texture, roughness, color and elegant appearance, but a relatively high mechanical strength of the project, a strong abrasion resistance. Flexibility is also very good, it can be processed into various shapes rather aesthetic effects according to the actual site. And because of the relatively delicate material items, there are more refill hole between classes, the difficulty of strong water absorption, is one of outdoor play equipment among good selection.

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Rosewood Material

Floral pear is now divided into sau wheins and hunal pear. Soldon is mainly built in the temple, landscape pavilion and other places, because the color of the sautdon is bright and beautiful, and it is relatively straight round, and it is relatively high. At the same time, sautdon is one of the wood materials that China is very like.

And Huanghuumi is also called Yellow sandalwood, which is a relatively high-end redwood. For some amusement devices that need to be specially treated,, for example, the equipment with large curved tracks can be used. The plasticity of the yellow peari is very strong, and it is not easy to deformed after shaping, not cracking, not bending, can be said to be one of the primary material selection of outdoor play equipment.


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