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Chart outdoor strike instrument play equipment craft introduction

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Chart outdoor strike instrument play equipment craft introduction

High quality outdoor children's play equipment requires a specific effect through innovative amusement methods, such as outdoor children's striking instruments, because of the traditional form of play equipment, becomes a worrying equipment. Music children's play equipment adopts good raw materials and unique production technology, and innovative design ensures that each of the sounds, shapes, common outdoor children's striking instruments, teaching piano, rhythmatter, and patterns. etc. Each product process is suitable for reinstalined entertainment, sports and fitness diversified equipment.

This article contains the following

1.Punch instrument usage

2.Fight musical instruments

3.Fight musical instrument product features

Knocking Musical Instruments + Musical Instrument + Sensory Experience Interactive Amusement + Rhythm 2

Punch instrument usage

Outdoor blow musical instruments can be placed in villa community, square, school, recreational center, tourist scenic spot, etc., a series of products that have a series of products for different age groups, using tap, sports way, let you produce music Learn different ways, stretch your physical and mental, fitness. At the same time, more important is to make simple outdoor sports more diverse by outdoor filling instruments. High-quality blow musical instruments make experiencers understand the beauty of music.

Fight musical instruments

Our company's outdoor fracture instrument uses high-independent high-strength combination materials, which use 304 stainless steel quality in the steel pipe, and the thickness of up to 1.5 mm can easily protect good sound quality. Outdoor use can also have a long time. Period, for children, the corners of the corner, not only experiences colorful sound quality, but also feels a different traveling environment. The sound quality in each product has passed the professional music test and engineer debugging to ensure that the sound and phonetic symbols are completely accurate.

Knocking musical instruments + blow musical instruments + sensory experience interactive amusement + rhythm teacher 6

Fight musical instrument product features

Taking a rhythm teacher as an example, each played voice is standard stable, and the design of the full arc is more environmentally friendly and security, which is fully compliant with the high requirements of the parents for children's playing environment. In addition to the addition of stainless steel, the high-strength material of the aluminum alloy makes the product's corrosion resistance, and it is difficult to breed bacteria and rust in outdoor, regardless of rainwater erosion. Our company produces outdoor combat instruments designed a safe anti-theft device system, safe and convenient, hardly require any maintenance.

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