Children's Amusement Park does not make money? What is the cause?

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Children's Amusement Park does not make money? What is the cause?

I believe that many people have chosen their own business. There are also many friends from the small knit, and some choose the children's play industry that is more fragrant now, investing in the children's play park. But let him worry, the store is always in neutrality, not profitability does not make money, which makes him very confused, do not know how to break through the existing bottleneck. In fact, everyone should understand that although the market market in the Children's Paradise is very good, you can't fully guarantee that he will not lose money. Children's Amusement Park does not make money? What is the cause of the reason? The following music map is to analyze you!

Combination slide + amusement equipment + small doctoral + slide + log plane + stainless steel combination slide LT-HT034 (2)

It is considered that the more equipment is, the more attractive customers.

It is considered that the more the equipment is attracting the traffic, the greater the traffic, and this extreme idea is actually very disadvantageous to the normal development of the children's play park. Only the reasonable planning of the venue is the true advantage, no matter how much your amusement park equipment, To make a reasonable matching layout according to the size of the site, and give each item, there is enough channel to watch the space for the playground. If it is just a single additional device does not give the amusement park, it will directly affect the experience of customer play.

Blind city market

Children's Amusement Park does not make money? What is the cause? Some investors will enter such misunderstandings, which is how to choose the equipment directly, in fact, this will lead to the formation of agglomeration in the market, and the play-in-market is too unified, but will cause unnecessary Market competition makes your customers take away by other paradise. So, facing the current market in the market, the operator must have the project of the right paradise, there must be innovative capabilities.

Wooden slide combination main map -7

Don't take the initiative to introduce the membership card to the customer

Some operators don't know how to introduce their own membership membership projects, and they are relatively low for employees. In fact, they should have a good attitude of the service industry. Actively introduce your membership information to those users, more likely to introduce them more about the benefits of members, and also encourage employees more active and propaganda. In this way, customers will have greater interests to achieve profitability.


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