Children's combination slides have several materials

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Children's combination slides have several materials

In many children's paradise swimming, you can see the figure of the combination slide. Children's combination slides are integrated with fitness entertainment, which is a new type of hobbies, comprehensive indoor and outdoor children's park according to children. Design a variety of functions according to the characteristics of children's movement. Today we fully understand the following children's combination slides.

There are several materials, plastic combined slides, stainless steel combined slides, stainless steel combined slides. Various materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. But you can make your child happiness is true.

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Plastic combination slide

1. Imported food level PPE engineering plastic parts: anti-detoner, anti-static, smooth, color diverse, diverse, complete function, free combination.

2. Hot-dip galvanized pipe parts: front treatment: the surface is smooth and burble, protect the safety of children.

Surface treatment spray outdoor environmentally friendly polyester powder coating, anti-rust, anti-static, anti-removal, color lasting.

Wooden combination slide

Wooden slide is made of 100% pure solid wood, a carbonized wood, pineapple, centarm, anti-corrosion, nature, natural and beautiful, and strong and durable. The delicate texture of the wooden surface reveals the natural and original beauty, the designer integrates this natural material into the slide design, providing a new connotation for the slide, while ensuring the novelty and funity of the slide, increase the environmental protection of the slide And safety. The child is very happy, the parents are also very assured.

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Stainless steel combination slide

Stainless steel custom slide is a comprehensive child event center for children like to drill, climbing, climbing, catching, slipping, etc. Slides, climbing, climbing rope nets, etc., promoting children's growth, having a certain ability to exercise body muscle exercise. The slide plane is divided into mirror stainless steel and brushed stainless steel, the brightness of the mirror stainless steel is better, and the stainless steel surface after the brushed treatment is more high.

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