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Children's new outdoor play equipment, we are different!

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Children's new outdoor play equipment, we are different!

The current children's playground is full, whether it is a small equipment in the room or outdoor challenge equipment will become a recreational facility that children and parents prefer. But now there are many parents to value some entertainment projects outdoor, because the idea of ​​children outdoors will not be limited, and the air quality is better in outdoor. As for the current amusement equipment, it's coming to see what is the new outdoor play equipment in children now? What is the highlight of the music map outdoors?


Physical music equipment is more like a cave adventure, mainly set in a flat-flat ground, but the project's settlement is generally not high, usually suitable for the climbing ability of children, children can be here. Place a place to play, you can catch hide, chase, and more. Microfesome is more easily set, as mainly for the children's drill, squat, climb, and hide all aspects of physical flexibility.

Non-standard travel + outdoor amusement park + children's paradise

Outdoor children climb

Outdoor children's small climbing equipment and general rock climbing projects have a certain relationship, just saying that the height of children's rock climbing is not very high and safer. But while playing this project, it is necessary to pay attention to the safety of children. Every child has to accompany their parents when playing, and listen to the arrangement of security coaches.

Wooden theme item

Nowadays, the topic projects in the children's play industry also include wooden amusement facilities, and wooden amusement facilities are more suitable for some grass, forests and other theme parks, and the wooden theme park is more able to let the children get in touch with nature. There will be a lot of small projects, such as swing, wooden slides, wooden shadow projects, etc., which can make children feel different natural features.

Non-standard travel + stainless steel slip slide + spiral slide - (1)

Landscape type children's play

Since the landscape type children's play, then naturally, it will be combined with a better look, but each project combines natural landscape status, which can highlight a natural joy atmosphere. The biggest advantage of this project is to create a profitable income by different accessories, such as mushrooms, trees, and various animals.


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