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Children's playground entrepreneurship is new must pay attention to these points!

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Children's playground entrepreneurship is new must pay attention to these points!

The market is like a sea, and every industry is a leaf slap. From the perspective of market development, diversified operations are definitely unneained. With the development of parent-child play in the children market, more entrepreneurial investors want to enter this industry, but because there is no experience. Also worried, and therefore missed a good time to enter the market. Basically, as a novice investor, I don't know what to do, so today, Tri Map Amusement Park is aimed at the newcomers' small skills from the children's paradise.

This article contains the following

Determine the paradise target customer group

Site scale size and reasonable location

Amusement equipment brand choice

First, determine the paradise target customer group

Opening a children's playground needs to be aimed at the age segment of the target population. It is the low-age child who has not stepped into the semester of the semester or just stepped into the middle and old children. The reason why the age is determined is because the equipment among the playground is a certain height and the ability to play.

Interior Children's Paradise + Children's Amusement Manufacturer + Naughty Fort - (58)

Second, the size of the site and reasonable position

Many children franchise manufacturers are much smaller, but there is no determination area? Xiaobian is that the site area of ​​the Children's Paradise is about 500 square meters to 1000 square meters. This is not particularly large for investors, and it is also possible to quickly return to the correct operating conditions. Second, the determination of the size of the site is also required to be based on the market assessment, we must consider that the week should conduct a survey of people around the paradise, and can establish in the shopping center, supermarket, children's park, and school.

three,Amusement equipment brand choice

Which type of amusement device is selected To make a comparison between multiple devices, analyzing the true needs of the target customer. The cost of traditional naughty castle is relatively low, but interactivity is relatively reluctant, and the cost of playing equipment in electric types is relatively high, but it is relatively interactive and the experience of parent-child play is better. For the brand choice of the paradise equipment, consider the strength of a brand has been in the surrounding industry, because the brand's fish dragon is mixed, and the innovation ability and security of the equipment are important factors in the choice of parent consumers.

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The above is the music map children's play park for everyone's factors that are considered in the direction. In the process of entrepreneurship, we must pay attention to children as the core, and more to consider this for a long time.

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