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Children's playground equipment and price sharing introduction!

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Children's playground equipment and price sharing introduction!

One of the biggest cost spending in the children's playground is the equipment, which is also a question that most investors will ask when inquiring the manufacturer. After all, the flow of funds is too far from the attention of investors in different stages. In addition to the prices of prices, there is also a playground equipment issue with concern, which is also one of the survival and development important factors in relationships. At present, various types of equipment on the market have ended an endless, but how to make the investor is difficult to grasp. The following small series will introduce you to the children's playground equipment and prices in the current kids like!

This article contains the following:

1. Children's Outdoor Naughty Fort Equipment

2. Beach Treasures Equipment

3. Track racing

Sand Water Game + Water Amusement + Shui Shui Amusement + Sha Pool + Sha Pool Amusement 50

First Class: Child Outdoor Naughty Fort Equipment

Children's Naughty Fort itself is a comprehensive and stronger amusement facility, mainly combining children in growth stages for drilling, jump, running, scrolling, using small toys and habits that use to combine mixing. Outdoor naughty castle equipment has inflatable theme naughty castle, and also has a customized naughty castle, including slides, swing, marine balls, etc., which can be combined. The price of amusement equipment in naughty castle is also charged according to the matte and amusement equipment, usually a square meter price is around 800 yuan.

Second Category: Beach Treasures Equipment

The beach for treasure can be described as a must-have equipment for parks, squares, communities, and schools. After scientists' certification, playing sand is not only a small game, in fact, there is a very advantage of their own growth. Sand is both solid and liquid, easy to master. Coupled with the construction direction of the sand and gameplay can meet the creation needs of the children. The price of the beach for treasure is calculated according to the volume of the sand, and the price per square meter is about 500 yuan.

Small engineer Figure 3

Third category: rail racing

The track types in the outdoor playground are many amusement equipment, such as small trains, bumpers, racing, etc. Rail play equipment can realize the real experience in different environments, can be created through the actual environmental appearance to make the product more technically and experienced in the process of operation. The price of the track racing is sold according to the entire form, and the small rail racing has 30 square meters, the price is around 30,000 yuan.

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