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Children's slide decline

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Children's slide decline

Kindergarten slides are essential toys, bringing happiness to children, let more children grow healthily and happy. So the quality of this kindergarten child slide is very important.

The design of the kindergarten slide, the choice of materials, and the processing technology have a great knowledge. When we produce kindergarten children slide, there are various materials such as solid wood, glass steel, plastic, metal. When designing, give full play to the advantages of various materials, and the products are electrostatically treated, drying and other advanced processing technology. Children's slides are reliable, rugged and wear-resistant.

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Don't be cheap when choosing indoor children's slides, otherwise there will be a big safety hazard. When investing in use, you should check the faults and various hidden dangers, and explain the ladder shape carefully. Kindergarten outdoor slides should be careful not to let the children extend their hands and feet out.

Safety problem is the eternal topic of kindergarten education. Kindergarten is a place where many children collectively live, no matter how much teachers and parents pay attention, it is difficult to completely avoid the occurrence of safety accidents. In fact, various facilities in kindergartens have safety hazards of children's slides, such as kindergarten slides, swing, seesaw, and other facilities that are not standard, resulting in the results.

The children are the flowers of the motherland. It is a soft place in their parents. It is a heart meat that is difficult to cut. No matter where we are, we will worry about the safety and health of your child!

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Everyone has seen kindergarten slides. I believe that there are two kinds of slides in the kindergarten, and there are two slides, one is straight, one is curved, the latter slides are the wheel line. So, which two slides have fallen?

The height of the two kindergarten slides is the same, and there are two weights of children, which fell from the top of the slide at the same fixed time. At this time, the child reaches the ground is the child on the slide.

The reason is to use mathematical and physical knowledge. The role of the children can slip down from above. When the slope of the panel does not, the gravity of the fell during the decline is not large. The bigger strength, the larger the speed, the faster the speed is increased. When fell along the straight plate, the acceleration is unchanged and the speed is stable.When the rim line is slippery, the slider slope is large and the decline is large. Even if the slope is slow, the speed slows slowly, but this time the decline is very large.Therefore, the latter's decline is faster than the fell speed of the former. Even if the latter is longer than the front of the front, the speed is still relatively fast.

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