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Classification of outdoor fitness equipment

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Classification of outdoor fitness equipment

With the construction of modern communities, many communities have their own outdoor fitness venues, in this case, more and moreOutdoor fitness equipmentBe promoted into the community and is widely accepted and used by everyone. However, do you really know those outdoor fitness equipment? Now Xiaobian simply classifies outdoor fitness equipment.

This article contains the following:

1. Equipment with bar structure

2. Fitness equipment with various active parts

3, fixed outdoor fitness equipment

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First, the equipment with bar structure

For example, the horizontal bar or parallel bars allow the user to leave the ground, there is a certain movement difficulty and skill, mostly used to exercise the upper limbs, but long-term reuse, will cause elastic deformation of the bars fitness equipment, More prone to cracks and breaks, requires regular maintenance. At the same time, the bars fitness equipment is more challenging, and the power of human upper limbs is more stringent, not suitable for the use of the elderly or children, both should pay more attention to safety.

Second, fitness equipment with various active parts

For exampleStroll machine, The fitness equipment such as twisting waves, swearing boards belongs to this classification. During use, this fitness facility is relatively high, and the wear of various active parts must be relatively high. A population suitable for many age layers, different fitness equipment corresponds to exercise in different sites, can be combined according to their own interests.

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Third, fixed outdoor fitness equipment

We have a fixed fitness equipment in the common sit-up bed, which does not have problems such as worn and collisions due to exercise because of exercise, so that this kind of fitness equipment has been more long.

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