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Colorful slide: How to operate to achieve profitability

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Colorful slide: How to operate to achieve profitability

Colorful slide This play project has recently launched in many cities. Many people who have not experienced skiing have come here. You can also experience skiing fun without professional ski knowledge, especially in holidays, tourists are almost burst. . So how do you have a good effect for those who initially join this project? Let's see some experience sharing of people.

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Colorful slide: How to operate to achieve profitability

First control the investment in cost, choose the addition of the project to save the investment fee of a part of the equipment. After joining, they are responsibleThis is relatively simple for equipment and venue equipment installation. Another major investment is the rent of the site, and the area of ​​the colorful slide needs is large. Investment This should choose the right place, otherwise there is more funds that need. It is generally recommended that you choose the hillside of the city, the rent is very cheap, and the space is large.

The other is to pay attention to maintenance of the equipment.Colorful slideThe equipment is mainly the slide and snow ring, which are made of good PP materials, and the corrosion resistance is good. After the installation is complete, these devices do not have to be repaired, as long as the cleaning and maintenance is regular, it is relatively simple. Moreover, clean working discomforts every day, generally one week, if you are using the peak season, then you can clean up every day. The main cost is cleaner and labor cost, which is much cheaper than maintenance of other electric machinery equipment. To make full use of equipment, reduce idle time, usually as long as natural weather is good, you can operate, improve the number of tourists to increase income.

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Colorful slide: How to operate to achieve profitability

There is also a reasonable control personnel cost. The number of people in the collection of colorful slides operates is limited and the personnel are reasonable according to the business scale. If it is a large playground, there are 5-7 people to meet. Generally, a 50-meter slide requires 2 staff, one serving at the top of the slide, and the other is waiting for tourists in the slide exit. This project does not require professional instructor, and the general staff can help visitors experience this project. Because visitors are sitting on the snow ring and falling, using their own gravity, the entire process does not involve electricity equipment, and the safety is better. There is no need to configure too many people, which can also save some costs.

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