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Colorful slide construction slope

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Colorful slide construction slope

Colorful slideSuitable for scenic spots, snowfield transformation (winter slide, other snowy season playing colorful slide), playground, park, etc. When building this project, pay attention to satisfying some requirements to work.

This article contains the following:

1, slope

2, build

3, lay

Colorful slide + dry snow slide + leap slide + colorful slide _11

First, slope

Colorful slideThe installation design is mainly the slope. If there is a natural slope, you only need to fix it on the original basis, and the colorful slide can be laid directly. If there is no slope, you want to build a colorful slide in flat, you can also build the site with steel frames and scaffolds and make slopes as required. The slope of the primary slide is generally 9-13 degrees, and the slope of the intermediate slide is 13-25 degrees, and the slope of the high slide is 16-30 degrees.

Second, build

It is generally divided into two, one is the ideal selection site in a natural site, such as a ski resort, playing snow park, etc. The other is to build a flat place, requiring steel frame structures to complete the construction of a ramp, such as parks, attractions, squares, etc., and implement it according to the design planning and design. The designer can increase the number of spins based on the slope of the site, and can be divided into basic fixation and no basic fixation (do not destroy the original foundation, such as grass, green, concrete, etc.).

Colorful slide + dry snow slide + leap slide + colorful slide _05

Three, laying

Start laying of a color slide on the construction of a well, you can discharge different colors. Living usually only takes a few days to complete, the human resources need are not much, and the speed of completing the work will be very fast.

It is necessary to pay attention to these requirements when designing and construction of colorful slides, need to be constructed in strict accordance with relevant standardized construction to ensure the quality of the project.

At present, the colorful slide in the scenic spot has become an essential project, the reception volume, the experience of tourists and the word of mouth, the difference between the colorful slide and the scenic sprint is that the dry slide completely controls the speed of the slope You can hear more laughter and screaming, no season restriction, no temperature limit, no geographical limit.

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