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Colorful slide project design principle

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Colorful slide project design principle

Colorful slideIt is an airborne speed, the humidity, the temperature, the temperature is affected, the rainy day, low temperature speed is fast, the high temperature in sunny is slow, the speed is more than 20%, and the safety hazard is not dealt with. The safety factor such as the speed control of the colorful slide, weather impact is the technical point of the project, and it is necessary to focus on slide design and project construction.

This article contains the following

1, due to local conditions

2, scale design

3, safety design

4, difference competition

5, net red attribute

6, combination with operations

Colorful slide + colorful slide + dry snow slide + leap slide - (9)

First, due to local conditions

Colorful slideThe principle of the project is to accommodate various terrain, hillside, lawn, flat, can be built, but in the project site selection and design, it is necessary to design according to the actual situation of the terrain and the surrounding environment, design according to the most cost-effective, the most construction The measurement of the engineering amount before implementing the drawings, locates and designs based on the best effects, minimum investment.

Second, scale plan

The scale of the project construction, the number of slides, and the slide type should be based on the number of peak tourists in the scenic spot, and the scenic spot is planned to plan the project's capacity requirements and site selection areas.

Third, safety design

The project design is safely placed in the first place, ensuring slip speed control, flight height, stop position, and various climatic conditions. The rainbow slide is large and affected, and the row speed is accelerated in the influence of rain and snow. It is more than about 20% more than the sliding speed of the sunny hot weather, so the length of the buffer and the deceleration design need to include sexual design processing, according to customer's operation Demand (such as the four seasons or single season operations) for special treatment.

1. Taking into account the temperature and humidity of the year, it is necessary to get roughly the rainy season, temperature, etc., slope and buffering design.

2, acceleration and deceleration segments to ensure extreme conditions (high temperature sunny) and rains slow down.

3, the acceleration and deceleration of the slide should be controlled within the range of 2-6m / s, which is cautious when it exceeds this range and considers the ability of the customer to stimulate.

Colorful slide + colorful slide + dry snow slide + leap slide - (2)

Fourth, difference competition

The scale, type, and irritating design of the project need to consider the competitiveness of the surrounding scenic spots. According to people, there is no principle, and the size of the project is in the volume, gameplay, and stimulation.

V. Net red attributes

Colorful slideIt is a self-contained network red project, which has high popularity and many fans on short video app on short video APPs. It is necessary to consider the net red attribute in specific project design. It is necessary to carry out huge passengers. Road, there must be stimulus, highlights of entertainment as net red promotion.

Six, combined with operations

The design of the project should take into account the final operational way, join the operational requirements, carry out the slide design, integrate into the overall operation of the scenic spot, such as people's streamline, ticket sales method, peak period flow means, joint ticket processing, etc.

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