Combination slide instructions

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Combination slide instructions

First, children's slide safe use precautions (safety warning)

(1) Management party precautions

1. After the child's slide is installed, do not use the tool to remove the screw, fastener and other fasteners.

2, the plastic part should cut the hard object to avoid damage equipment.

3. Do not cut, scratched, scratch, scratch, eliminate surface protective layers. If the surface is damaged, please ask the professional maintenance.

4. Do not put non-related items in 5 meters around the slide, so as not to touch the child's body leads to injuries.

Shandong Weifang Adventure Island + Combination Slide - (1)

(2) Users considerations

1. Children's slides are only available for children aged 3 to 15 years old, and there should be adults in the game when playing.

2, please parents lead the child in order to use, don't crush the grab;

3, please guardian remind the child that you should fall upright when playing the slide, and the upper body remains upright. Never let the child head down, or slide down in the belly to avoid accidents.

4, clothes should not be too thin, because many slide surfaces are not very smooth, the clothes are too thin, too thick clothes will affect the convenience of action, and they are not safe during climbing;

5, clothes do not bring rope or hardware. Suits with ropes may hook into the railing on the way to create children suffocation. The hard object will also squeeze the child.

6, don't bring sharp items such as brooch, pin, etc.

7. When the child's slide is faulty, it is necessary to keep calm, do not panic, protect children, and notify the maintenance personnel.

2019009 Guizhou Mixing Jiuzhu House + Wood Combination Slide - (14)

Second, children's slide maintenance instructions

1. If the slide is placed outdoors, if it rains, it should clean up the water and dirt on the appearance after the rain. One is to prevent children from slipping and injured in use. The second is to prevent iron parts from rusting.

2. The iron parts of the child slide should try to prevent the paint from scratching and rust.

3, plastic parts should strictly prevent people from being damaged by human blunt, otherwise cracks and safety hazards will occur. If there is damage, it should be notified to the relevant personnel to remedy.

4, please check regularly (once a month) to check the tidal components or fasteners to see if there is a safety hazard such as loose structure. If you can't solve the problem, please report to the installation unit.

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