Common children's play equipment price list list

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Common children's play equipment price list list

Most of the premiums of children's play equipment is currently based on two ways: one is quoted according to the specifications of the equipment, more common there is a project of naughty castle, Zhi Yong, rope network climbing type, another Then, according to the entire price quote, such as electric playing equipment, orbit equipment, etc.

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Different charging methods

Common children's play equipment price

Different charging methods

If it is a child play equipment that is quoted according to the size of the specification, the quotation of each square meter will be affected by the material used. If the average price per square meter is about 800 yuan, the internal play miniature equipment project is compared with the mechanical trampoline, rotating the slide, challenges the wooden bridge, etc., and electric rotation horses. Marine balls, etc.. The price of electric project naughty castle products is higher than the price of the mechanical naughty castle series.

A roller equipment in accordance with each combination is subject to technical content, production process, and styles of style, from a gap between thousands to tens of thousands. The higher the rides, such as interactive projections, jungle sniper new play equipment prices are much higher than that of the cost of the doll machine.

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commonChildren's play equipment price

1.Mirror maze amusement equipment

The mirror maze project is the popular network red project in the Children's Paradise, which does not have a distinctive line of age, with experience, technology-based play experience. In the process of playing, players can reflect again by reflecting the mirror on their own figure, making people unclear the real feelings and reality, easy to lose in the mirror. The method of charge the mirror maze project is about 200 to 500 yuan per square meter according to the fees of the square meter.

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2.Children expand amusement equipment

The children's expansion project is completely a new generation of children's amusement park projects in accordance with the characteristics of children. Equipment for children's expansion projects is usually in accordance with climbing of different difficulty, crossing projects, letting children experience different challenges. Children expansion is in accordance with the squad, each square price is around 800 yuan.

The above brief introduction, several children's playground equipment charge price is not complete, only for everyone's reference. There are still a lot of popular amusement equipment in the play market. The quality is different according to the quotation situation of the manufacturer.

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