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Common classification of outdoor fitness equipment

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Common classification of outdoor fitness equipment

The modern community is constantly improving, the construction projects in the community are also more abundant, and many communities build their own small multi-function outdoor gym. There are also more people to promote sports in such a large-active atmosphere. In the outdoor fitness area, it has been widely recognized by everyone. However, what is your understanding of outdoor fitness equipment? Now Music Amusement Xiaobian brings you general classification of outdoor fitness equipment.

This article contains the following:

1. Fitness equipment for lever structure

2. Various active parts fitness equipment

3. Fitness equipment for fixed structure

I. Fitness equipment for lever structure

Now in the school or in the community, there will be a leveraged structure of the fitness equipment, such as the album or parallel bars, which is a sports project that can be supported by the user's feet, with strong difficulty and Skills, more is the limb strength used to exercise the upper body. However, due to long-term repetitive motion, the lever type equipment will be made in use, and it is more prone to break, so it is also necessary to maintain and replace it in time.

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Second, various active parts fitness equipment

Active fitness equipment is mainly for exercise in hands, feet, head, footpread power, such as walking machine, twisting, double pedal, etc., the safety of such fitness sports equipment will be higher, but It is necessary to focus on the wear of active parts equipment. Active parts fitness equipment is suitable for most age segments, and the training parts of different fitness equipment are also different.

Third, fixed structure fitness equipment

The fixed fitness equipment can be said to be a must-have item in the park. For example, common sit-ups, double pedals, etc. are fixed fitness equipment, such equipment, whether it is for children or old people More practical, is a common fitness equipment for all age groups. However, such fitness equipment does not exist because of the abrasion caused by exercise, but will have a certain rust due to the erosion of rainwater at room for a long period of rain, need to do processing.

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Music Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. provides you with different types of outdoor fitness equipment, enriching your choice, while complying with the size and size design of the site.

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