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Counting the common outdoor adventure amusement equipment in the playground!

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Counting the common outdoor adventure amusement equipment in the playground!

In the case of the child's growth, let the children experience the different playing environment, and feel different adventures to stimulate play, which can meet the curiosity of the children and the desire to explore. With the increase in children age, the facilities in the small indoor children's paradise are unable to meet the children's interest, they like to go to a large amusement park like the Happy Valley to go to the group's new stimulus. Today, Music Map Xiaobian will share a common place for you.Outdoor adventure amusement equipment

Outdoor large adventure amusement equipment is usually electric equipment, through different highly variations and speed changes, stimulating the sensory and visual effects of players, thereby achieving psychological satisfaction.

Pirate Ship:This is a classic amusement facility that is displaced by a horizontal axis round-trip movement. The launch of the pirate ship can stimulate the adrenaline of the player, slowly adapt to different height changes, and then swing from the elderly round-trip. It is a safe and stimulating thrilling game when you caught the waves of the sea.

Small engineer Figure 2

roller coaster:Standing in the entire playground, all places can hear the screams of players, the design of the vertical intersection allows the train double-ring track to rise slowly from fast dump, safe and slightly stimulating a sense of exciting play experience has become a large playground. Must project equipment.

Large pendulum:It is common in major children's playgrounds. Tourists need to sit in the cockpit. Everyone's psychological changes are different when they are swinging down, and they can enjoy different scenery at high altitude, but they need to do it. Good mental preparation, players with psychological diseases are not suggested.

Small engineer Figure 4

Transfer chair:In addition to these cool-exciting players described above, the transfer chair belongs to the ground sports project, and only you can turn your own coin machine, you can rotate in a safe environment, fun. But relatively pursuit is smaller.

Music Amusement Reminder: These fun and cool outdoor adventure rides have strict requirements for players' height and age, so it is recommended to follow the business's suggestions and ask for play, can't meet yourself The desire to stimulate adventure increases security risks.

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