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Custom amusement equipment selection manufacturers need to value which conditions

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Custom amusement equipment selection manufacturers need to value which conditions

With the gradual prosperity of the children's play industry, there are great traffic in the market in the market. At this time, every playground and the venue used have different custom conditions, I hope to find a good reputation is quality and security in customization. Only in this way can we ensure that the stable and safe operation of each of the players.

Therefore, what conditions do you need to do if you need to value the manufacturer?

This article contains the following

1. complete production qualification

2. Comprehensive quality management system

3. Perfect after-sales debugging services

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First, complete production qualification

Fully equipped amusement equipment production qualifications, with relevant manufacturers certification qualifications. Because of the customization of play equipment, it is not a conditional and capable design and production, and it is necessary to know that the customized play equipment is very strict, technology and experience accumulation can build a better product. If you need high-end outdoor custom players, you must have three more items than three, and you can choose more quality manufacturers.

Second, a comprehensive quality management system

Custom amusement equipmentWhich conditions do you need to see? A strict and professional custom playing equipment manufacturer must have a full range of quality management systems, which have strict controls for each production step. First, in the production of amusement equipment, it is necessary to purchase measurements of materials and venues, and to ensure quality and production license in accordance with relevant standards, so that they can give customers a satisfactory answer. At the same time, a professional comprehensive quality management system is to ensure the safety of every visitors.

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Third, improve the after-sales debugging service

Custom amusement equipment is a manufacturer integration in installation and after-sales, installing custom products to distinguish the site according to the actual situation of the site, so that the product is safe. At the same time, the warranty of the general custom outdoor play equipment is within 5 years. During this period, the product should be handled in time during the quality, safety, after-sales issue.

All in all, what conditions do you need to value the manufacturer needs? For the customization of outdoor play equipment, be careful to choose manufacturers, which is not only ensuring the interests of investors, but also ensuring the safety of the equipment.


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