Custom stainless steel slide becomes the mainstream of amusement equipment

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Custom stainless steel slide becomes the mainstream of amusement equipment

In most amusement industries, there is no slide project, and the early facilities use cement or wrapped plastics. Now it is no longer able to meet the needs of the times, custom stainless steel slides become mainstream, this product is much better.

The following is included:

1, stainless steel products

2, the cost is higher than the tradition

3, product production cycle length

4, avoid inferior products

5, follow-up value

6, determine the purpose

Stainless steel slide + children slide + combination slide + hillside drill hole + wooden slide 23

First, stainless steel products

Stainless steel slides bring long-term guarantees to outdoor facilities, and wind blowing sun and rain can easily let steel rust, reduce people's entertainment, increase maintenance costs, stainless steel slides will not rust due to moisture, reduce post-maintenance time and fees.

Second, the cost is higher than the tradition

Take 304 stainless steel as an example, the current market price is not low, if a large area is used, a set of equipment is tens of thousands of yuan, and even more equipment or even more than ten thousand yuan, the slide project is more free of charge, many outdoor facilities provide It is difficult to determine how long the cost is calculated, and it will be easily accepted.

Third, the product production cycle is long

The slide requires a plurality of steps such as mold, welding molding, and grinding, and the production cycle is not recommended if it is a temporary facility or urgently starting.

Fourth, avoid inferior products

The water of the steel products is very deep, and the market is full of stainless iron products with a high-tech. At first glance, there is no difference in appearance. After a period of time, the periphery will rust, the price can be 5 ~ 6 times, if you don't understand metal Performance should entrust the appraisers to identify.

Shengshi Tower + non-standard travel + children's play + stainless steel slide (1)

Five, follow-up value

If you need to make other projects in the future, the second-hand stainless steel prices will still recover a cost. In recent years, high-grade stainless steel second-hand recycling prices have been rising, so customizing this device will not lose too much.

6. Determine the purpose

The slide size in the ride is also distinguished, including the varieties, size and shapes used by adults and minors. Some parents like to play with their children, so they need to order large equipment, which can reduce many costs for children. .

Custom stainless steel slides are new service projects in the industry. With some industries, the new stainless steel performance is stable, and the appearance is bright and beautiful. It has improved the grade of the equipment, so that people have the desire to play, this facility can really give The whole site is playing better.

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