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Development prospects for non-standard travel equipment

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Development prospects for non-standard travel equipment

In the past ten years, with the improvement of the national material living standards, people have gradually increased the demand for leisure entertainment, and the state is also committed to building a cultural special town, aiming to highlight unique culture of each town. As the market competition is increasingly fierce, the differentiation of each special town shows the corresponding development prospects in practice.

Culture has three roles in the theme park growth process:

First, it played the role of the link and is an important factor in connecting the target customer base and theme park.

Second, it is the theme of the entire theme park, all equipment in the park is built around this characteristic culture.

Third, it is the core of an industrial chain, just like Japanese anime. When an IP fire is, you can start to build his surrounding culture.

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Cultural Characteristic Town Area Classification:

1. Featured industry: XingfangLocal specialties are generally traditional or new cultures.

2. Tourism area: The key to attract foreign consumption is characterized by local tourism cultural attractions.

3, leisure gathering area: gathered a variety of casual industrial states, main functions are retaining people, expanding consumption.

Therefore, non-standard travel equipment is suitable for outdoor theme parks, outdoor parent-child park, children's sports park, community children's paradise, scenic park, cultural special town, tourist scenic spot, shopping mall.

Non-standard travel equipment can be individually designed according to the conditions such as site terrain, size, to meet different combined needs. Non-standard traveling equipment is not a play equipment manufactured according to the unified industry standards and specifications of the state, but the products and equipment, appearance and performance of its own design, which need to be designed and manufactured according to the use of the operator.

One of the advantages of non-standard traveling equipment is to excite the sports instinct of the children. In the process of playing with other children, we will work together to achieve goals. Such a play equipment can greatly stimulate the child's self-confidence, promote the challenges, competition and exchange between tourists, and build a play atmosphere of a variety of people's needs level, allowing customers to choose the game multiple times.

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In the future, no powerful amusement equipment will pay more attention to the customer's experience, more diverse themes, settings, more integrated into the project structure of large-scale park, and develop in the direction of update, more trend, and more sensory experience. Moreover, there is no powerful amusement equipment market is also gradually expanding, due to the rise in the overall consumption capacity of society, the rapid development of the play equipment industry. Animated feature will more injecting a non-powered equipment, and the future of indoor children's paradise and outdoor theme parks in the future will have a combination of intelligent interaction and inactive play equipment.

We are full of confidence in the development of no powerful amusement equipment, because with the various features of the non-powered play equipment, the long-term development of the children's play industry, and our employees' sense of smell in the children's play market, there is no powerful play equipment in the future Will get better and better.

At the same time, with the implementation of various types of non-powered amusement equipment, we will have increasingly mature, safe play equipment for design and production, and will continue to be in line with internationally introduced technology. Manufacture of inactive play equipment suitable for the Chinese.

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