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Did you know how long you have used wear-resistant outdoor rides?

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Did you know how long you have used wear-resistant outdoor rides?

Outdoor play equipment is a good partner that lets children get physical fitness exercise, which can improve their physical fitness and cultivate children to actively enter, strong and brave quality. In recent years, the form of domestic education is more focused on education, and children's outdoor play equipment has also become an important aid for the teaching process, which has become the real estate, the infrastructure project in the park. In order to meet the different needs in children's growth, children's play equipment develop from the combination of monomeric personalized equipment to the combination of ramming equipment, which greatly enhances the children's outdoor play life. However, do you know those outdoor amusement devices that have used wear-resistant inexpensive?

Combination slide + amusement equipment + small doctor + slide + log plane + stainless steel combination slide LT-HT035 (2)

Outdoor trampoline: The main structure of the current trampoline is the ground trampoline and frame trampoline, and the outdoor trampoline is the largest ground trampoline. This trampoline is very beautiful in appearance, and the area is not large, and the cost space is reduced in greater extent. At the same time, the safety of the ground trampoline is much higher than the frame trampoline, and it is possible to prevent tourists from playing flying or other accidents in the process of playing. The ground trampoline is a major material in the imported PP elastic cloth and electroplating spring.

Personalized monomer seesaw: Seesaw can be said to be accompanying children in children, and is also one of outdoor play equipment. Nowadays, the seesaw play equipment already has a large appearance change. Through different shape changes, the safety of seesaw is enhanced, and fun is enhanced. Common seesaw theme custom wooden cylinders, pig head seesaw, etc.

Rope net climbing rack: The raw materials of the rope network climbs are the special net rope of the navigation, the core is chrome-plated steel wire, hard and firm, even if 30 children are jumping on the rope online. It is not affected. The rope net climbing frame is a relatively free choice in shape and style, and the layout can be based on popular fashion, so it is also a player that has been favored by many investment purchases.

Climbing the main map -19

These equipment are more cheaper than those who are likely to be used by children and have a lot of equipment than electronics. In fact, there are still many small amusement devices outdoors: micro-shaped combination, combination slides, swing slides, fishing pools etc. They are all very rich in weather resistance, and the sun is not afraid, it is not easy to corrode, solid and solid.

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