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Do you make money in a large high-end community?

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Do you make money in a large high-end community?

From the perspective of market development, it is easy to see the development of children's play, early childhood education, very rapid. The Children's Paradise has also become a leader in it. Many entrepreneurial investors are consulting me: Is it possible to do a children's play in the community? Now Xiaobian will analyze the feasibility of the community to open the children's paradise in the following aspects, and whether to make money?

This article contains the following

1 community to invest in the initial entrepreneur

2 consumer group people

3 Community Construction Children's Paradise How to make money

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First, the community is in investment suitable for the initial entrepreneurs

In fact, it is more obvious that it is definitely a child play in the community, and it is relatively inexpensive, one is that the traffic is relatively fixed. It is recommended that the area of ​​children's paradise in the community is about 200 square meters, and the cost of investment is relatively small. At the same time, I will do a paradise in the community. It is actually a relatively simple operation project. The way investment is also very simple. The investment in this industry does not have too much skill. As long as there is diligent work experience, then in a short time Can be resembled.

Second, the community consumer population

In large high-end communities, there are more intensive traffic, and if the surrounding communities are more intensive, then they can attract greater people, and the development prospect can be said to be very broad. If the children are happy here, a large part of the parents will pay a member card, so that the share of business is increased, and there is no sudden fall. And for parents, there is no need to spend more time and effort with children to go farther shopping malls. If you open a child park in the community, you can guarantee that children's security can make parents more assured.

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Third, how to make money in the community

In general, a children's paradise is a one cycle half a year, that is, you can make a return in half a year. But in high-end large communities, make money more advantageous. The residents can regularly organize parent-child activities, one is that the number of people who can improve the paradise can have more consumers. In the community, you can not only open the children's paradise, but also active the business model, you can include some food beverages, maternal and child products, increased income, can bring convenience to parents.

In conjunction, the advantage of building a children's paradise in a large high-end community is obvious. Mainly to create a trusted and reliable playground from the starting point to the starting point for the starting point.

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