Domestic children's play industry brand ranking, which play brand joins?

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Domestic children's play industry brand ranking, which play brand joins?

Now a lot of players and investors have valued all children's play industry brands, which brand will be more poured in this brand. And the music maps are the top ten high-end series of high-end series of high-end series, with their own production factories and IP use rights, and are also a brand that many domestic and foreign entrepreneurs have valued. What is the advantage of the music map?

This article contains the following

1. One-stop procurement service

2. Domestic well-known

3. Equipment purchase price reasonable

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One-stop procurement service

Music Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. is an equipment supplier of one-stop play equipment procurement service. The company's main product has three large sectors of outdoor non-standard amusement equipment, indoor non-standard play equipment and water non-standard amusement equipment. A non-standard tour is a custom series of products. Our company is located in Wenzhou Bridge, has a deep resource and the ability to develop and design, and the factory is tens of thousands of square meters, which is a modern enterprise integrating production and sales as a complex. The equipment produced by the company is spread all over the country, and the appearance is unique and has two points, and the quality is low, and the professional recognition of the market is obtained.

High well-known domestic

Now that the supplier of the play equipment is everywhere, Zhejiang Music Amusement is one of the most popular manufacturers. It is far greater than them relative to other small and ordinary manufacturers. More than 800 venues in the world, the company has 9 complete project planning and design, is one of the most popular amusement toy manufacturers in China.

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Equipment purchase price reasonable

If you don't know which manufacturer of the purchase device, you can check the information about the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, which is clear for a manufacturer's capital verification: Query whether the manufacturer is normal registration, whether to have production rights, etc. The price of the play equipment is closely related to product quality. Children's paradise can choose to join us or you can choose product purchase. The price of children's play equipment is always a major aspect of operators who need to consider. Each customer's investment direction is different, and the price factors that need to be changed will be significant.

The development of the children's play industry is a gradually gradually investment project, which needs to be updated with products and services. Choose music maps equivalent to chose a good financial direction.

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