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Durable children's outdoor play equipment

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Durable children's outdoor play equipment

Outdoor children's play equipment not only make the children get a good physical exercise, enhance their body's balance and coordination, but also to cultivate children's aggressive, indomitable courage, danger and other good mental qualities. In recent years, with the continuous promotion of quality education, children's outdoor play equipment also will become an important teaching aids, become kindergartens, parks, housing and other infrastructure.

To meet the needs of young children, outdoor children's play equipment from the initial swing, seesaw and slowly develop into different types of dozens of rides, including combinedSlide, Climbing frame, cage, etc., species diversity, variety, greatly enriched the children's outdoor play live.

Because this play equipment must be installed in open spaces, so the sun and rain is inevitable, and this is particularly suitable for play equipment in public places, such as kindergartens, parks, real estate, frequency of use is very high, so the outdoor children's play equipment should be durable. So, what kind of children's outdoor play equipment more durable it?

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First, the children's outdoor play equipment; slides

Second, children's outdoor play equipment are: rope climbing frame

Third, children's outdoor play equipment: trampolines

Four: outdoor children's play equipment: seesaw

Fifth, outdoor children's play equipment: swings

First, slide

In children, the slide is the most favorite, is also the most favorite outdoor play equipment. Whether plastic slides, wooden slides, or recently stoked stainless steel slides, they all have good weather resistance, even under the sun and rain will not fade, easy corrosion, both robust and reliable, and durable is the primary, there is the shadow of slides for children in kindergarten outdoor recreation equipment, parks and real estate.

Second, the rope net climbing frame

Rope climbing frame with ropes at sea with a central chrome-plated steel, extremely durable. Space rope climbing frame in the shape, style and size are very freedom of choice, the layout is also more casual and, therefore, have become a more popular children's outdoor play equipment.

Three, trampoline

Main frame and the trampoline trampoline trampoline ground in two forms, the current outdoor trampoline mostly used in ground trampoline, which trampoline in appearance more fashionable appearance, and relatively small area, saves space, and this relative trampoline trampoline frame, the higher security, and the like can be prevented from bouncing a child in the case of the trampoline, the main material of the ground trampoline import PP elastic cloth and electroplating spring, both of which are made stronger weathering resistance.

Four, seesaw

Seesaw can be said to be one of the most loved, more suitable for an entertainment device in the outdoors. These new entertainment projects, such as stainless steel slides, climbing frames do not appear, they are almost assumed the laughter of children's childhood. Today, the seesaw in the shape and appearance has a lot of changes, constant is the extent of its favorite children.

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Five, swing

Swing like a seesaw, it is a major tool for outdoor recreational activities. Today, the swing also in the form of the ever-changing innovation, not only the traditional swing for adults to play, but also for young baby swing seat style of play, as well as the kind of small wider swings rocking chair swing for the crowd.

Above are more loved by children and relatively durable outdoor children's play equipment, they are weather-resistant material chosen better, light does not fade, not easy to be the sun and bad, strong and firm, not easily deformed.

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